Jessica Simpson's rollercoaster romances: Mayer, Romo & the Lachey legacy!

    Inside Jessica Simpson's star-studded love history: from the tumultuous times with John Mayer to the serenade of marriage with Eric Johnson.

    Jessica Simpson (Source: Getty Images)

    Jessica Simpson (Source: Getty Images)

    Jessica Simpson's Star-Crossed Romances: The Highs, Lows, & Tell-Alls

    From captivating the world with her vocal prowess to chronicling her romance on reality TV, Jessica Simpson has always been a figure in the limelight. Dive into the intricate tapestry of her love life, from chart-topping artists to NFL stars.

    John Mayer and Jessica Simpson (Source: The Sun)

    Mayer's Obsession & The Grammy Meet-Cute

    Jessica and John Mayer's entwined destinies began at a Grammy Awards party in 2005. Theirs was a turbulent passion, with the duo parting ways no less than nine times in a single year. As Jessica revealed in her memoir Open Book, Mayer was more than smitten, saying, "he was obsessed with me, sexually, and emotionally." And while the love was fervent, the realities of their bond weren't always rosy. "Every time John returned, I thought it was a continuation of a love story, while my friends saw a guy coming back for s-x with some foolish girl," she confessed.

    Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson (Source: InStyle)

    Romo, Texts & The Heartbreaking Birthday

    By November 2007, as reported by The US Sun, Jessica had found solace in the arms of Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo. However, shadows of her past relationship with Mayer loomed large. A discovered text from John became the straw that broke the camel's back, leading Romo to call it quits the day before Jessica's 29th birthday.

    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (Source: People)

    But what about her once-sweetheart Nick Lachey? The duo, whose marriage was in the public eye courtesy of MTV's Newlyweds, decided to part ways in 2005. Jessica, reflecting on their time together, stated, "We were best at our relationship when we were singing together. I felt like we were at home in that place."

    Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson (Source: People)

    A New Chapter: Eric Johnson & The Joy of Parenthood

    As the storm clouds of past relationships faded, a new chapter began for Jessica. In May 2010, love blossomed with NFL tight end Eric Johnson. With an engagement that year and marriage in 2014, the couple is now proud parents to three adorable children. In the whirlwind of passionate love affairs, breakups, and confessions, Jessica Simpson remains an enduring emblem of resilience and romance in the glitzy world of entertainment.

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