Joaquin Phoenix shook BAFTAs with veganism advocacy in 2020

    Reflecting on Joaquin Phoenix's 2020 Tower Bridge protest for veganism, his advocacy influenced Hollywood's Golden Globes to adopt a vegan menu, emphasizing his commitment to environmental and animal rights.

    <p>Joaquin Phoenix at 2020 Tower Bridge protest (Source: SKY)</p>

    Joaquin Phoenix at 2020 Tower Bridge protest (Source: SKY)

    Joaquin Phoenix, an Oscar and BAFTA nominee renowned for his role in Joker, made a powerful statement for veganism in 2020. His Tower Bridge protest in London highlighted a commitment that goes beyond his on-screen roles, blending his personal beliefs with his public persona. In a striking act of advocacy, Phoenix led a protest where a 390-square-foot banner was unfurled from Tower Bridge. The message was clear: "Factory farming destroys our planet. Go vegan." This demonstration, taking place ahead of the BAFTA award ceremony, showcased Phoenix's deep commitment to animal rights, a conviction he has held since the young age of three.

    Addressing the climate crisis and hypocrisy

    The protest also served as Phoenix's response to the criticism faced by celebrities over their carbon footprints, given their lifestyles of frequent flying and resource consumption. Phoenix acknowledged the paradox, stating, "We are all hypocrites in some ways. We all struggle with what the right thing to do is and we make mistakes." His solution? Maintaining a vegan lifestyle to mitigate the impact.

    Influencing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

    Phoenix's influence was evident when he persuaded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to introduce an all-vegan menu at the Golden Globes. His rationale was thoughtful, aiming to offset the environmental cost of the event: "The one thing they can do is to make the meal plant-based." This move marked a significant shift in how award ceremonies address environmental concerns.

    Joaquin Phoenix in a eco-friendly outfit at 2020 BAFTAs (Source: British GQ)

    A ripple effect in the entertainment industry

    The BAFTAs followed suit, aiming for a carbon-neutral event. The changes included a recycled red carpet, encouragement for sustainable fashion choices among guests, and a partially vegan meal. This shift reflected a growing awareness in the entertainment industry about the urgency of climate change, partly spurred by Phoenix's activism.

    Joaquin Phoenix: More than an actor

    Phoenix's participation in the protest, in support of Animal Equality, underlined his role as an activist. His actions serve as a reminder of the power of celebrity in influencing public discourse and industry practices. As Phoenix himself put it, "Instead of being judgmental and attacking each other, we should try to help each other and educate each other about how we can change."

    Looking back with a sense of progress

    Today, as we look back on Phoenix's Tower Bridge protest, it stands as a pivotal moment in the narrative of environmental activism within Hollywood. His advocacy not only highlighted the urgency of the climate crisis but also demonstrated how individuals in the public eye can leverage their influence for greater good. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve with a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, Joaquin Phoenix's stand at Tower Bridge remains a significant milestone, reminding us of the continuous need for advocacy and action in the fight against climate change.

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