Julia Roberts reveals where will the characters of Pretty Woman and her other iconic films be today

    Julia Roberts reveals where the characters from her iconic movies like Pretty Woman be there today. 

    A still from Pretty Woman

    A still from Pretty Woman

    Julia Roberts’ filmography is nothing less than a treat for all the Hollywood enthusiasts out there. But ever wondered where will the iconic characters of her movies be today? Here it from the horse’s mouth itself. Julia answered fun questions about where the characters of her adored films will be today.

    Julia Roberts on where her Pretty Woman character will be today

    In an interview with CBS Mornings, Julia spoke about the 1990 movie Pretty Woman and where her and Richard Gere’s characters Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis respectively will be today. Roberts said that her character would be a businesswoman today. She said, “I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling. And now she runs his business.”

    Julia Roberts on where her character from Mystic Pizza will be today

    She also had a rather optimistic approach to her character Daisy Arujo from the 1988 movie Mystic Pizza. She imagined that Daisy would still be with the love of her life, Charles Gordon played by Adam Storke. Julia said, “Let's hope they're still together and they have a bunch of cute little kiddos.”

    Talking about the 1993 film, The Pelican Brief, Roberts is convinced that her character Darby Shaw and Denzel Washington’s character Gray Grantham will end up together. She said, “To me, the end of the movie, they're absolutely together. And someone just said this to me the other day. I think he's in love with her. She's in love with him.”

    When talking about the 1997 film, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia said that even though the movie hinted that her character Julianne Porter will end up with her best friend Michael O’Neal essayed by Dermot Mulroney, she thinks that they will not see a life together in the present. She said, “He's married and faithful to his wife. And George and Julianne start a do-it-yourself show on HGTV and become wildly famous.”

    Well, isn't this a fun quiz that Roberts answered with utmost creativity? She also had a fun take on her character Maggie Carpenter from Runaway Bride. She said that her character will finally overcome her fear of commitment. On the work front, she was last seen in the apocalyptic thriller film Leave The World Behind.