Kelly Clarkson's daughter River Rose, 9, shines in new track You Don't Make Me Cry

    Kelly Clarkson introduces her 9-year-old daughter, River Rose, to the world of music in the new track You Don't Make Me Cry, off her deluxe album, Chemistry. The young prodigy started recording at just 5!

    Kelly Clarkson and Her Daughter River Rose (Source: People)

    Kelly Clarkson and Her Daughter River Rose (Source: People)

    Kelly Clarkson, the iconic singer, recently delighted fans with the deluxe edition of her album Chemistry. Tucked within its melodies is a special track - You Don't Make Me Cry, a poignant song that sees Kelly joining forces with none other than her 9-year-old daughter, River Rose. With lyrics that echo the strength of walking away and the liberation from emotional pain, the song is a testament to Kelly's musical evolution and River's budding talent. As Kelly sings about choosing solitude over sorrow, River's voice complements her, a reminder that resilience can be inherited.

    River's rise in the music realm

    It seems Kelly's penchant for music has beautifully trickled down to River. In an endearing revelation on social media, Kelly shared that River was only 5 when she started recording for the track. Fans of Kelly might recall that this isn't the first instance of River's foray into the musical domain. In 2019, the young star made an appearance in Kelly's music video for Broken & Beautiful. Fast forward to more recent times, and River, alongside her 7-year-old sibling Remington, joined Kelly for a heartwarming rendition of the Heartbeat Song during her Las Vegas show.

    More melodies in store

    The deluxe edition of Chemistry is a treasure trove of melodies. Alongside You Don't Make Me Cry, the album is enriched with songs like Roses, I Won't Give Up, Did You Know, and Goodbye. For those who love revisiting
    Kelly's classics, the album offers a live version and a remix of Mine, as well as a remix of Favorite Kind Of High.

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    In a world where genuine connections are often hard to come by, Kelly and River's collaboration is a touching reminder of the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. Here's to many more musical endeavors from the duo, proving that music truly is a family affair.

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