Kevin Costner's nostalgic lookback: From 'Silverado' to 'Yellowstone' and beyond!

    Looking back at Kevin Costner's illustrious career, from his breakout role in 'Silverado' to the recent 'Yellowstone', and his unwavering passion for the Western genre. Dive deep into his views, and upcoming projects, and ponder if politics might be his new frontier.

    <p>Kevin Costner (Source: Delish)</p>

    Kevin Costner (Source: Delish)

    Ah, to recall the simpler times when Kevin Costner first galloped onto our screens in 1985's Silverado'. Now, in 2023, it's fitting to cast a nostalgic glance back at this powerhouse actor's trailblazing journey through Hollywood's rugged terrains.

    Championing the western frontier

    From the rolling prairies of 'Dances with Wolves' to the tumultuous ranches in 'Yellowstone', Costner's love for the Western genre is undeniable. "When it's done well, you realize how vulnerable people were," he muses. And who can forget his Oscar-winning directorial debut or the captivating narratives of 'Wyatt Earp' and 'Open Range'. Today, Costner is gearing up for 'Horizon', a four-film saga painting the landscape of pre- and post-Civil War western migration.

    Kevin Costner in Silverdo (Source: Outsider)

    Meanwhile, 'Yellowstone', a creation of the visionary Taylor Sheridan, stoods tall in its fifth season. The show's success has been unprecedented, with prequels like '1883' and the eagerly awaited '1923' with the iconic duo, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Costner's portrayal of Montana rancher John Dutton has left audiences both mesmerized and contemplative. “I think the idea of mountains and rivers captured people's imagination,” he remarks.

    Dutton in politics: Truth or fiction?

    While Costner's character, John Dutton, battled political winds and contemplates power, fans wonder if Costner himself would consider a real-life political stint. The answer? A definitive, “No, I don’t think so.” Still, Dutton's populist-style campaign to safeguard Montana values, juxtaposed with Costner's views on the political complexities within the Native American community, adds depth to the series.

    Costner pointed out, "The political machinations of what happens on the rez reservation are equal to what happens on our national stage." The inclusion of Native Americans in 'Yellowstone' harks back to the days of 'Dances with Wolves', shedding light on a culture's struggles and triumphs.

    Yellowstone (Source: TV Insider)

    Standing tall against awards & acclaims

    While the Screen Actors Guild acknowledged 'Yellowstone' for its ensemble drama, the Emmys seem to have missed the memo. Costner, however, remains unfazed. “We’ve been able to create a show that didn’t start out being popular but did it on its own terms,” he states with unwavering conviction.

    Wrapping up our throwback, it's evident that Costner's passion is deeply rooted in a bygone era, an era of hope and the relentless pursuit of dreams. As he once shared, the idea of the West and its challenges resonates with the hope of something better than one's past.

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