Kim Kardashian gets surprise Spice Girls offer and shares parenting woes

    Kim Kardashian divulges on dating preferences post-Pete Davidson, parenting challenges, her surprise Spice Girls offer, and why she attended the Met Gala amidst rumors.

    Kim Kardashian (Source:InStyle)

    Kim Kardashian (Source:InStyle)

    Kim Kardashian recently gave viewers a candid glimpse into her life as a single mother of four. The episode followed her and son, Saint, along with a group of his friends and their mothers, on a trip to London to watch Arsenal play. 

    On this trip, the reality star delves into what she desires in a potential partner and her decision to establish an "age limit" for her relationships. "I need just a little more age-appropriate," Kim reflected, highlighting the age gap with former boyfriend Pete Davidson. She further elaborated on her current relationship status, stating, "I'm genuinely just okay being by myself for a minute and the right situation will come my way."

    Met Gala and the Art of Showing Up

    Amid the London adventures, Kim also shared her motivation behind attending the Met Gala, which was in tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. Contrary to certain articles suggesting that Kim and her sisters were no longer welcome at the event, she felt compelled to prove naysayers wrong. "There's something about me, where I just want to show up," Kim remarked, showcasing her resilience in the face of baseless rumors.

    Parenting Solo and Seeking Balance

    Kim Kardashian (Source:InStyle)

    Handling the responsibilities of parenting without a partner has its moments of challenge, as evidenced by Saint's upset over a forgotten jersey during their London trip. Kim admitted her struggle with discipline, voicing a wish for a partner's support during such times. "Because I'm really busy, it would be amazing if I had a partner that would come in and tap me out and take over and handle it," she shared.

    To bring a male presence into the household, Kim hired a male nanny, emphasizing the importance of having some male energy amidst her predominantly female family. Expressing her initial apprehension in informing Kanye West, she recalled, "I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad that." To her relief, West's response was supportive and respectful, which Kardashian appreciated.

    An Unexpected Offer from the Spice Girls

    In an unforeseen twist, Kim claimed that during her trip to the UK, she was approached by Mel C of the Spice Girls with an intriguing proposition: to replace Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham for their upcoming tour. While Kim believes Mel C was likely jesting, she confessed her astonishment, exclaiming, "I'm just like a girl from high school who loved the Spice Girls and they're asking me?!"

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