Kim Kardashian sued by artist's foundation over furniture knockoffs

    Kim Kardashian is facing a lawsuit from the estate of a renowned artist, alleging that she promoted a collection of furniture under his name, despite none of it being his work.

    Kim Kardashian (Source: X)

    Kim Kardashian (Source: X)

    Kim Kardashian is confronting a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, alleging that the celebrity incorrectly presented some of her furniture as original works by Donald Judd. The lawsuit, filed by the Donald Judd Foundation, responsible for managing the late artist's legacy, cites a specific YouTube video posted by Kardashian in 2022. The video, which has since been removed but garnered over 3.6 million views, featured a tour of her SKKN office in California.

    In the video, Kardashian referred to the items as "Donald Judd tables," but the lawsuit contends that the furniture pieces were actually knock-offs purchased by the reality star from a separate company called Clements Design.

    Kim Kardashian (Source: Billboard)

    Kim Kardashian Faces Allegations of Misrepresentation

    The lawsuit requests that Kardashian take down the video, which she did on Wednesday, and retract her assertions that the tables were original creations by Judd. Representatives of the Judd Foundation stated that they reached out to Kardashian three days after the video's initial posting, urging her to issue a public statement acknowledging the error.

    Kardashian's representatives rejected the request, proposing instead to amend the caption and share a social media post in support of the foundation. However, both parties failed to reach a resolution.

    Kim Kardashian (Source: Billboard)

    Legal Battle Escalates

    The lawsuit also includes Clements Design as a defendant, alleging the company of trademark and copyright infringement. Clements Design responded, asserting that there are noticeable distinctions between the furnishings and expressing feeling "blindsided" by the legal proceedings.

    The statement clarified that the issue had been raised over a year ago. Attempts were made to address the matter cordially back then, but the Judd Foundation was unwilling to reach a fair settlement. The statement emphasized that the claims hold no validity.