Lawsuit against Sofia Vergara by contractors for $1.7 million over renovation of LA mansion

    The legal representative for the 'Modern Family' star contends that the company overbilled her and performed "below standard and negligent work."

    Sofía Vergara (Source: Glamour)

    Sofía Vergara (Source: Glamour)

    Contractors who renovated Sofía Vergara's Los Angeles mansion are suing her, claiming she hasn't paid them over $1.7 million. Reside Custom Homes (RCH) filed a complaint on Nov. 27, accusing the Modern Family star, 51, of not paying two invoices from March and July 2023, totaling $1,700,492.64. The lawsuit includes allegations of breach of contract, promissory fraud, intentional interference with contractual relations, and other claims.

    Strong Defense

    Attorney Martin Singer, representing Vergara, stated, "My client raised concerns about Reside, the contractor, several months before filing this baseless lawsuit. Sofia Vergara's concerns revolved around substantial overcharging, substandard and negligent work, and prolonged delays, seeking damages exceeding $5 million."

    Sofia Vergara (Source: Fox)

    Public records indicate that Vergara acquired the residence for approximately $26 million in 2020 during her marriage to ex-husband Joe Manganiello. The couple, who revealed their separation after seven years of marriage in July 2023, had previously listed another property in the vicinity for sale at $18 million in June.

    Contractor Allegations

    According to the contractor's submission, which identifies Vergara and her business partner, Luis Balaguer, CEO and founder of Latin World Entertainment, as the property owners, Vergara enlisted RCH in April 2022 for the renovation of their new residence. The initial scope of work was successfully completed by December 2022.

    Subsequently, the claim alleges that Vergara requested additional tasks, such as the application of plaster, which "had to be sourced from a small, rural town in the United Kingdom" for various walls. Additionally, she reportedly sought the removal and replacement of the rear stairs, a custom fabrication process.

    Sofia Vergara (Source: Vanity Fair)

    RCH claims that their workers and subcontractors faced mistreatment at the work site."During the time RCH was working on the property, Vergara frequently displayed aggressive behavior, including humiliating, ridiculing, harassing, and attempting to intimidate RCH's employees, representatives, subcontractors, and others,"

    They assert that they often had to persuade workers "not to quit" due to what they characterize as "widespread, abusive, and unfriendly behavior." Tensions heightened in October 2023, with RCH contending that "Vergara enlisted legal representation to intimidate RCH (and others) with unfounded accusations of misconduct and threats of legal action."