Leo's IMAX premiere drama: Vijay fans in a tizzy, shows canceled in the USA

    Vijay's highly-anticipated film 'Leo' faces an unexpected twist as its IMAX premiere shows in the USA are canceled. With a record advance booking globally, fans are on edge as the makers scramble for solutions.

    <p>Leo (Source: Youtube)</p>

    The film world is abuzz as the much-awaited blockbuster, 'Leo', gears up for a colossal release. Directed by the illustrious Lokesh Kanagaraj, the movie is dripping with anticipation. Yet, as the release date looms closer, fans across the pond are grappling with a premiere predicament.

    Vijay's Cinematic Universe: A New Chapter?

    Whispers of a new universe and Lokesh Kanagaraj's media interactions have stoked flames of excitement among ardent Vijay fans. "The suspense associated with LCU is getting bigger as days pass by," fans were heard saying. But will 'Leo' be the next chapter in this unfolding saga that began with 'Vikram'? Only time will tell. For now, newly released stills showcasing Vijay's latest avatar have fans revved up and ready.

    IMAX Showdown: Fans Left in Limbo

    It seems 'Leo' won't roar on the USA's IMAX screens anytime soon. A surprise twist left fans flabbergasted when they learned that the IMAX premiere shows for 'Leo' in the USA had been scrapped. A hiccup in delivering the IMAX version seems to be the culprit behind this startling decision. Fans who envisioned a larger-than-life experience with Vijay on the IMAX screens are crestfallen.

    To add salt to the wound, the coveted IMAX time slot has been nabbed by 'The Exorcist' on October 18. By the time October 19 rolls around, the spotlight will have already shifted to 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. With such big names hogging the limelight, it remains to be seen whether 'Leo' will find its rightful place among the IMAX giants.

    The FDFS Confusion: Clock's Ticking, Fans!

    The First Day First Show (FDFS) conundrum for 'Leo' continues to brew, further agitating Vijay's international fan base. There's a swirl of confusion regarding show timings across the globe. Saudi Arabia, Kerala, and the UK all seem to have different slots. As the fans eagerly await clarity, the movie's premiere in the USA is still shrouded in mystery, with the proposed 4 am showtime on October 19 hanging in the balance.

    While Vijay aficionados might be used to cinematic cliffhangers, they surely didn't anticipate this real-life IMAX suspense. Here's hoping the makers pull a rabbit out of the hat and salvage the IMAX premiere for their devoted audience!

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