Margot Robbie’s audacious throwback: From Croatia to calling Will Smith out

    Margot Robbie’s unexpected Croatia adventure for a 'Focus' audition. She reached on time, only to find a late Will Smith. The audacious actress didn't hesitate to call out the star, making for a remarkable throwback tale! 

    Margot Robbie at 2023 Golden Globes (Source: People)

    Margot Robbie at 2023 Golden Globes (Source: People)

    Back in time, with stars less luminous, emerges a spicy throwback tale of Margot Robbie, an actress known for her commitment and punctuality. The narrative dips its toes into the audacious world of auditions and the unexpected adventures that trail alongside. The past unfolds a situation where Robbie and Will Smith crossed paths, creating a fizzle that's now revisited with a chuckle and a wink.

    From Croatia with haste

    The year was 2014. Margot Robbie was backpacking, splashing in the Adriatic waters of Croatia. Amidst the vacation vibes, an urgent call pulled her into a whirl. The audition for 'Focus' was on the horizon, and Robbie’s journey from Croatia to New York became a head-spinning race against time. Despite damp shoes, lost luggage, and a whirlwind journey spanning continents, Robbie managed to be punctual. “I just came from an island in Croatia and I’m here on time”, she asserted with a bold glance.

    Will Smith (Source: Cinemablend)

    A late co-star and a heated exchange

    Entering the audition room, fatigue veiling her features, Robbie discovered her potential co-star, Will Smith, fashionably late. The reason? A journey from Queens, creating a stark contrast to Robbie’s international hustle. The audacity didn't faze the fearless actress, as she conveyed her dissatisfaction, highlighting her odyssey. “Yeah? Well, I just came from an island off Croatia and I’m here on time”, she quipped, laying the irony bare.

    Her courage in confronting Smith could have dimmed her chances, but destiny had its quirky smile in place. “So I got the job because I looked like shit and called Will Smith a d*ck?”, Robbie jestingly recounted post securing the role in ‘Focus’. The incident was brushed off as a humorous anecdote, reflecting Robbie's fiery spirit and unwavering dedication.

    Behind the scenes of ‘Focus’

    Post the humorous hiccup, Robbie and Smith dived into the world of ‘Focus’, creating ripples with their on-screen chemistry. Recollecting the experience, Robbie painted it with hues of fun and learning, admiring the camaraderie shared among the cast. The lighthearted bonds transcended beyond the sets, leaving her with “a bunch of older brothers” who continue to shield and support her in the glittering world of Hollywood.

    Focus 2015 (Source: Hungama)

    Despite their magnetic chemistry, ‘Focus’ couldn’t entirely charm the critics, landing a 56% score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it raked in a cool $158 million at the box office, creating a buzz and leaving behind tales whispered with grins and giggles.

    Today, as we gaze back, Margot Robbie’s spirited entry, her audacious call-out, and a hilarious audition anecdote bloom as a delightful throwback, illustrating the vibrant adventures that sculpt the stars, beyond the silver screen’s glow. Here's to Margot Robbie, her indomitable spirit, and a throwback tale brushed with audacity, humor, and a dash of the unexpected!

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