Margot Robbie's intense workout regime for Suicide Squad revisited

    Delving into Margot Robbie's rigorous training to become Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, including intense Pilates and cardio under the guidance of trainer Andie Hecker.

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: Empire)

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: Empire)

    Looking back at Margot Robbie's transformation into Harley Quinn for Suicide Squad, it was a journey of intense physical preparation. Under the guidance of trainer Andie Hecker, Robbie underwent a demanding fitness regime to embody the iconic DC Comics character. "We did a lot of abs, but also full-body toning," Andie Hecker, Ballet Bodies founder, and Robbie's trainer, revealed about their training approach. This comprehensive fitness program wasn't just about sculpting a specific area; it was about enhancing Robbie's overall physicality to bring authenticity to her role as Harley Quinn. The regimen included a mix of Pilates reformer exercises and cardiovascular activities like running, swimming, and trampoline jumping. Hecker, who trained Robbie for two to three hours a day on the film set in Toronto, focused on exercises that would define Robbie's abs and tone her glutes, considering the revealing nature of Harley Quinn's costume.

    Tailoring the workout to the role

    "The butt was really important to focus on because the shorts were so short," Hecker noted, emphasizing the need for Robbie to look both sexy and strong in her costume. The training included heavier ankle weights and lower reps for targeted muscle building, particularly in the gluteal area. The Pilates reformer played a significant role in Robbie's training, offering a range of exercises like planks in various positions and leg lifts with handles. These exercises were not just about building muscle but also about creating a lean, elongated physique, ideal for the agile and acrobatic nature of Harley Quinn.

    Robbie's dedication to her role extended to her workout regimen, embracing the challenging exercises to achieve the desired physicality for Harley Quinn. Her ability to adapt and excel in these demanding routines showcases her commitment as an actress to authentically portray her character. Looking back, Margot Robbie's transformation into Harley Quinn stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication required to bring a comic book character to life on the big screen. Her journey, guided by Andie Hecker's expert training, highlights the intersection of physical fitness and character portrayal in Hollywood.

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