Mark Hamill's Tweet ignites hopes of Sebastian Stan wielding the lightsaber!

    Fans are buzzing about Sebastian Stan playing a young Luke Skywalker. But will Mark Hamill, the original Jedi Knight, pass on the lightsaber to the Marvel star?

    <p>Sebastian Stan</p>

    Sebastian Stan

    Back in early 2021, as Marvel fans eagerly awaited each episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, another galaxy's fan base was abuzz with a different kind of anticipation. The uncanny resemblance between Sebastian Stan and a young Mark Hamill, the original Luke Skywalker, had Star Wars enthusiasts dreaming of potential narratives. Seven years later, we're do Readiving back into the heart of those rumors and reliving the excitement.

    When Stan Almost Became Skywalker

    Ever the sport, Sebastian Stan wasn't oblivious to the whirlwind of chatter surrounding him and the legendary Jedi Knight. The prospect of him possibly portraying a young Skywalker in an upcoming Star Wars spinoff was enough to get any fan's heart racing. However, Stan had one important condition.

    Star Wars

    “If Mark Hamill called me, personally, to tell me he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it. Until then, I won’t believe it,” Sebastian Stan had candidly mentioned during a Good Morning America appearance. His statement highlighted the weight of taking on such an iconic role – and the blessing of Hamill was imperative.

    Hamill and Stan: A Galactic Banter

    While this was unfolding, Mark Hamill, ever the Twitter savant, didn't shy away from joining in on the fun. He humorously addressed the speculation, emphasizing his appreciation for Stan. “Sorry to disappoint you but I refuse to say 'Sebastian Stan-I AM YOUR FATHER!' (even though, in fact, I am) #SorryNotSorry #MySonSebastian,” Hamill cheekily tweeted, sending fans into a frenzy.

    The desire for more young Luke Skywalker content was invigorated when Hamill reprised a de-aged version of his iconic role in The Mandalorian. The expectation of Sebastian Stan stepping into those Jedi boots was palpable.

    Today, as we look back, whether or not the dream casting came to fruition, the speculations, rumors, and engaging banter between Hamill and Stan created a delightful moment in entertainment history – a testament to the undying passion of fans and the allure of beloved characters.

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