Marvel's Adam Warlock, Will Poulter, exposes the unrealistic path to superhuman perfection

    Actor Will Poulter got candid about the extreme measures for achieving a superhero physique for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Unhealthy? Unrealistic? Let's dive in!

    Will Poulter (Source: Slash Film)

    Will Poulter (Source: Slash Film)

    On-screen, actors like Will Poulter dazzle us with chiseled physiques fit for gods. But what goes on behind the scenes? With Marvel's veil of secrecy, fans often have to rely on nuggets of information dropped by their favorite actors. "It’s difficult talking about it because with Marvel it’s all secret squirrel," Will Poulter shared with The Independent. But the most startling revelation? The daunting physical transformation! “I wouldn’t recommend anyone do what I did to get ready for that job,” he candidly admits, shedding light on the physical and mental extremes required to fit into the role of Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

    Will Poulter (Source: DMARGE)

    Tales of transformation

    To look like a genetically engineered superhuman, Poulter had to adopt a punishing regime. From consuming intimidating quantities of food to phases of extreme hunger, it wasn't just about looking good; it was about discipline. “Now I’m in a maintenance phase... I’ve gone through periods of looking at food and feeling like I can’t face it, and then... you’re ready to eat furniture because you’re so hungry,” he quipped. But the price? A neglected social life and turning down dinners and drinks. Being a superhero isn’t just about the applause; it’s about the applause-worthy commitment behind it.

    Will Poulter (Source: Just Jared)

    Marvel’s double-edged sword

    However, this isn't just a story of grueling workouts and dietary restraint. It's a cautionary tale. Poulter is all too aware of the unhealthy and unrealistic standards that can arise when backed by a studio's resources. He champions the idea that one's mental and physical health has to be number one. It's a vital conversation starter in an industry where physical perfection often overshadows mental well-being.

    As the curtains close on yet another Marvel masterpiece, it's worth remembering the sweat, dedication, and sacrifice of stars like Will Poulter. They not only light up the big screen but also teach us essential life lessons off it.

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