Marvel’s big move: X-Men movie pitch begins, anticipation soars for the ultimate comeback

    Marvel ignites fan anticipation, setting the stage for pitches on the eagerly awaited new X-Men movie. A thrilling reimagining or a continued lull? The countdown begins!

    X-Men (Source: Variety)

    X-Men (Source: Variety)

    Marvel Studios, as per reported by sources to Deadline, is gearing up to hear pitches for the next X-Men movie this fall, signalling the resurgence of the beloved franchise, which had gone dormant after the underwhelming release of Dark Phoenix in 2019. In the glamorous corridors of Hollywood, writers ready their pens and minds for what is being deemed one of the most sought-after jobs. Despite no rush to set a date for the cinematic rebirth of the X-Men universe, the whispers have begun, creating a ripple of excitement across the fan base. 

    X-Men (Source: TheDirect)

    A new dawn for X-Men

    The acquisition of 20th Century Fox and its extensive library by Disney in 2019, brought X-Men under the umbrella of Marvel Studios. Despite a halt in rebooting the franchise amid other ongoing projects, Marvel has subtly teased the advent of a new X-Men era. A throwaway word, mutant, in an end-credit scene of the Ms. Marvel series, became a beacon, hinting at the emergence of the cherished X-Men team.

    Riding on anticipation and hope

    The resurgence comes with a blend of nostalgia and anticipation. The animated X-Men ’97, a nod to the classic ‘90s series, is slated to debut in early 2024 on Disney+. Fans wait with bated breath, hoping the revival will bring back the X-Men universe's former glory, tinged with modern cinematic brilliance.

    X-Men (Source: CBR)

    Yet, uncertainty looms large, as the industry grapples with the SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike has cast shadows on various facets of the entertainment world, leaving many projects in a lurch. However, despite these challenges, the beacon lit by Marvel continues to shine, promising a world where mutants reign and narratives of courage, transformation, and resilience unfold.

    The X-Men’s cinematic journey may have hit bumps, but the path to renewal seems paved with potential and anticipation for a triumphant return. As the world watches, Marvel Studios holds the quill, ready to script a saga that could either bring a cherished renaissance or leave fans yearning. Only time will unfold the tale, but for now, the murmur of excitement echoes in the air, heralding the possible return of the mutants, stronger, and more enthralling.

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