Matthew Macfadyen's superhero U-turn: from critic to cast of Deadpool 3!

    After criticizing superhero films, Matthew Macfadyen makes a surprise pivot, joining the star-studded cast of Deadpool 3. Will this choice haunt him?

    <p>Matthew Macfadyen</p>

    Matthew Macfadyen

    As HBO's hit series Succession winds down, the future plans of its stars are being eagerly dissected. Among them, Matthew Macfadyen's latest move has proven to be a delightful twist. Just months ago, the actor candidly expressed his disdain for the superhero genre. Yet, the tables have turned dramatically, with Macfadyen set to make waves in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3.

    From Heroic Critic to Heroic Role

    Macfadyen's opinions on the superhero genre were no secret. In a 2022 Vanity Fair feature, he didn't mince words. “I’ve done one big film like that,” Macfadyen revealed, “and it was a green-screen thing. It’s ass-paralyzingly boring, just acting to tennis balls and dots on the screen. You’re doing it for the money.” Quite the statement from someone now diving headfirst into Marvel's domain.

    Now, with his slated appearance in Deadpool 3, has the irony become too palpable to ignore? Is it a simple case of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," or has the Marvel allure (and, perhaps, paycheck) been too strong to resist?

    Deadpool and Wolverine(source Polygon)

    Mingling with Marvel's Best

    Not only is Macfadyen entering the Marvel world, but he's also in elite company. Sharing screen space with him are the likes of Emma Corrin of The Crown fame and the iconic Hugh Jackman. While his specific role remains shrouded in mystery, one can't help but wonder if his previously voiced concerns will manifest in reality. Will there be the dreaded green screens and tennis balls he so vividly described?

    With Deadpool 3's release date set for November 8, 2024, anticipation grows. Matthew Macfadyen, once a skeptic of superhero cinema, will soon be judged by the very standards he critiqued. One can only hope that, as the spotlight shifts from corporate drama to superhero showdowns, Macfadyen's performance shines just as bright.

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