Mike Myers: From yeah baby to daddy life & unveiling The Gong Show charade

    Diving into the past, Mike Myers hinted at a possible Austin Powers sequel, opened up about fatherhood, and revealed his playful The Gong Show charade. Let’s step back in time and revisit.

    Mike Meyers (Source: Giant Freakin Robot)

    Mike Meyers (Source: Giant Freakin Robot)

    21 years might have flown by since Mike Myers graced our screens as the unforgettable Austin Powers, but the magic hasn’t faded. Yeah, baby! – that signature catchphrase still echoes in the corridors of our memories and as it turns out, on the streets where Myers walks with his kids. "It's looking good," the Canadian comedian quipped about the potential of another Austin Powers movie. However, his more recent roles have been consciously closer to home. As a father to three kids under six, Myers opted for parts that didn't keep him away from family.

    Mike Myers: Father, actor, and talent show host

    "Mostly what I've tried to do was just stuff out of my house," he mentioned. But it's his reveal about The Gong Show that took us all by surprise. Playing a quirky English guy, Tommy Maitland, in a show he watched as a kid was, in his words, flying the freak flag.

    The Gong Show (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

    When the iconic charade came to light

    While fans and media speculated about Tommy Maitland's real identity, Myers continued to play along. "This time around, I thought people would think I was insane... for me to say 'No, it isn't'," he reminisced about finally unveiling the secret. Turns out, Myers has always enjoyed the funnier side of life, whether making people laugh in kitchens at parties or speaking French with a Scottish accent.

    As we reminiscence, it's evident that Mike Myers has lived multiple lives in one. From the groovy Austin Powers to the loving father figure explaining catchphrases to his kids - "Daddy, why are they saying 'Yeah, baby!' to you?". As reported by ABC News, the comedic legend had made a heartwarming confession, his son Spike whispered, "Dad can I tell you a secret? I'm your number one fan." Indeed, Myers might be known for his eccentric roles, but his most treasured role remains – being a father.

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