Mike Myers' love for Shrek: Would one movie a year quench his ogre-thirst?

    Mike Myers voiced his desire to relive the Shrek magic, hinting at a Shrek revival! As we anticipate the ogre's return, let's stroll down the green lanes of his legendary cinematic journey.

    <p>Mike Meyers and Shrek (Source: People)</p>

    Mike Meyers and Shrek (Source: People)

    The world has seen its fair share of iconic duos, but few rival the bromance of Shrek and Donkey. This whimsical green ogre, brought to life by the legendary Mike Myers, has not only won our hearts but evidently has captivated the actor's as well! Last year in May, Mike Myers unveiled his yearning to immerse himself deeper into the Shrek universe. In an insightful video chat with GQ, the comedian expressed that he'd be thrilled if he could gift fans with a Shrek movie annually. Now that's a wish we all secretly harbor, isn't it?

    While Universal, back in 2018, whispered hints of a Shrek revival under Chris Meledandri's watchful eye, nothing concrete has been chiseled yet. But with Mike's fondness out in the open, could the stars align for our favorite ogre?

    The Scotsman behind the swamp hero

    There's always a backstory to every legend. When Myers initially took on the role, he voiced the character with his Canadian flair. However, a change of heart or accent saw Shrek bearing the unmistakable Scottish tone, bringing forth the most working class accent. For Mike, it wasn't just about the accent but the deep love and connection to his Scottish roots.

    But Shrek was more than just a comedic figure for Mike. He discovered a profound emotional core to this character. “The concept of going from a self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre was meaningful to me," Myers fondly reflected.

    The ogre's legendary footprint

    Let’s rewind a bit. Between 2001 and 2010, four Shrek feature films graced our screens. They not only bolstered DreamWorks Animation's status but racked up staggering box office numbers. Who could forget the groundbreaking win of the original Shrek at the Oscars? Or the enviable worldwide gross of Shrek 2 at a jaw-dropping $928 million?

    And while Shrek's tale may be paused, his universe lives on! Who knows what the future holds? But with Mike Myers’ undying passion, we can't help but hope for more swampy adventures, fairy tale mishaps, and, of course, layers and layers of ogre tales!

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