Noah Kahan and Gracie Abrams unite for a stirring duet in 'Everywhere, Everything'

    Noah Kahan collaborates with Gracie Abrams on a duet version of "Everywhere, Everything," blending their unique folk-pop styles. Abrams to join Swift's "Eras Tour" while Kahan preps for SNL and 2024 tour.

    Noah Kahan and Gracie Abrams (Source: )

    Noah Kahan and Gracie Abrams (Source: )

    In a stirring blend of voices and styles, Noah Kahan has teamed up with Gracie Abrams for a new rendition of his song, “Everywhere, Everything.” The track, originally from Kahan’s 2022 album "Stick Season," has been transformed into a poignant duet. Kahan opens the song with the first verse, setting the stage for Abrams, who takes the second, their voices merging into an anthemic crescendo.

    A New Folk-Pop Sensation

     The lyrics, “Everywhere, everything, I wanna love you/ ‘til we’re food for the worms to eat/ ‘til our fingers decompose, keep my hands in yours,” resonate with an oh-so-romantic yet apocalyptic sentiment.

    Noah Kahan (Source: NJ)

    Noah Kahan's year has been marked by exciting collaborations. In November, he shared covers with Olivia Rodrigo, joined forces with Hozier for "Northern Attitude," and collaborated with Kacey Musgraves. Earlier in the year, his musical journey included duets with Post Malone and Zach Bryan. Kahan's openness about his mental health journey, discussed on the Going There podcast, has been a cornerstone of his connection with fans.

    An Exciting Year for Kahan and Abrams

    As for Gracie Abrams, following the release of her debut studio album "Good Riddance," she's opened for renowned artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. In a significant career milestone, Abrams is set to play opening dates for Swift’s “Eras Tour” next year.

    The duo’s TikTok teaser of their collaboration stirred excitement among fans, showcasing the unique chemistry between Kahan and Abrams. Kahan, gearing up as a musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, continues to captivate audiences with his heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting. Meanwhile, Abrams’ ascent in the music industry is marked by her upcoming shows and tour with Swift, adding to the anticipation for what’s next in her burgeoning career.

    This collaboration between Noah Kahan and Gracie Abrams not only marks a significant moment in their careers but also signifies a fresh and exciting chapter in the world of folk-pop music.

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