Nostalgic dive: When Florence Pugh's star power buzzed for 'Dune' back in 2022

    A nostalgic look back at 2022 when the buzz began about Florence Pugh joining "Dune: Part Two". As October 2023 approaches, we relive the anticipation of Pugh potentially taking the royal mantle in Dune.

    Florence Pugh (Source: WWD)

    Florence Pugh (Source: WWD)

    Ah, 2022! A year when COVID seemed like a distant memory, and the entertainment world was abuzz with whispers and wonders. And among the whispers that echoed the loudest was that of Florence Pugh potentially joining 'Dune: Part Two'.

    The rise of the desert princess?

    Let’s paint a picture. 'Dune: Part One' had just finished its award-season campaign. Fans around the world were enthralled, and Warner Bros was all geared up for "Dune: Part Two". And then, as reported by Deadline, came the sizzling tidbit: Florence Pugh might be stepping into the royal shoes of Princess Irulan Corrino. Oh, the excitement! Our beloved Florence, rubbing shoulders with bigwigs like Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Josh Brolin.

    While we now eagerly await the film’s release this October, the thought of Pugh, who had taken the MCU by storm as Yelena, entering the desolate landscape of Arrakis had fans in a tizzy. And for good reason!

    From MCU's favorite sister to desert royalty?

    Florence's journey, from playing Natasha Romanoff’s fierce sister Yelena in 'Black Widow' to potentially being the Princess of Arrakis, was the talk of the town. Fans adored her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her portrayal of Yelena in both 'Black Widow' and the 'Hawkeye' series was impeccable.

    Florence Pugh in Dune: Part Two

    But 2022 was more than just the MCU for Florence. She was weaving magic alongside the likes of Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. in Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated 'Oppenheimer'. And if rumors were to be believed, she had also wrapped up a project with Netflix titled 'The Wonder'.

    'Dune: Part One', despite its day-and-date release on HBO Max, raked in a whopping $400 million at the box office. A testament to its massive fan following! Nine Oscar nominations later, the franchise's potential collaboration with Pugh seemed like the cherry on the top.

    As October 2023 approaches, it's hard not to take this nostalgic dive back to the past, remembering when the speculations began. Will Florence reign as Princess Irulan Corrino? Well, time will soon tell. But the journey, the anticipation, the sheer joy of the fandom - that's a story we'll cherish for ages!

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