'Not naturally that big': The Rock's steroid saga draws Logan Paul into the fray

    Logan Paul dives into the Dwayne Johnson steroid controversy, supporting Joe Rogan’s allegations. Fans are torn as The Rock faces mounting criticism and avoidance to address the claims.

    Dwayne Johnson (Source: THR)

    Dwayne Johnson (Source: THR)

    While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the stellar star of Black Adam, continues to wrestle with the storms of public opinion, a new, unexpected voice, Logan Paul, has joined the chorus of critics. Joe Rogan had already shaken the waters by voicing his stern suspicions about Johnson's physical stature. The statement, “Don’t act like you are naturally that big,” has echoed, resonating with others in the public eye, like Paul, who is now taking a stand, creating a divisive rift among fans and followers.

    Adding to The Rock's Rumble

    Amidst the release and promotion of Black Adam in October 2022, the already increasing scrutiny took a fresh hit. “Come on The Rock?”, Rogan’s bold claims on his podcast were not left unheard, setting ablaze a debate, with Logan Paul adding his own flammable opinions to the fire, magnifying the heat on Johnson.

    As per the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David observed Johnson's growing public concern, indicating a certain discontent about Johnson's desire to maintain an appealing image, "it's a feeling I got talking to our guest yesterday is that [The Rock] is so concerned about what everybody in their world will say..."

    Dwayne Johnson (Source: Variety)

    Joe Rogan's unwavering insistence for Johnson to admit his alleged steroid use has kept the public's eyes glued, waiting for Johnson's acknowledgment or denial. The uncertainty and avoidance to tackle the claims have only fueled the already blazed situation, leaving the fans in a dizzy of confusion and disbelief.

    A Shattered Perception?

    Johnson, known for his magnanimous persona, the 'people's champion,' is facing a tidal wave of public opinion, further surged by voices like Logan Paul. Amidst the accusations and the growing dissonance among his fan base, Johnson's silence is deafening, adding to the anticipation and the turmoil. The question of his steroid use, left hanging in the public domain, has allowed multiple interpretations and opinions to thrive, leaving a shadow on the stellar reputation Johnson has built over decades.

    With Black Adam now available for streaming on HBO Max, fans are left juxtaposing the superhero image with the turbulent undercurrents of the allegations facing Johnson. The continuous influx of critics, now including Logan Paul, is leaving the public in a fix, searching for clarity amidst the chaos and looking towards Johnson for answers, hoping for the dust to settle soon.

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