'One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back': The twisted journey of Taylor Sheridan's Special Ops: Lioness on Paramount+

    Taylor Sheridan's Paramount+ series 'Special Ops: Lioness' stumbles despite a star-studded cast, including Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman. While critics aren't impressed, audiences seem more forgiving. Will it be enough for a Season 2 renewal?

    Taylor Sheridan (Source: THR)

    Taylor Sheridan (Source: THR)

    Ah, the sweet irony of Hollywood. You assemble a Marvel-level ensemble cast and still manage to drop the ball. That's exactly what seems to have happened with Taylor Sheridan's latest Paramount+ offering, *Special Ops: Lioness*. 

    Star Power Isn't Enough

    The series, as reported by Ready Steady Cut, focuses on Cruz Manuelos (played by Zoe Saldana), who befriends the daughter of a terrorist as part of a covert mission. "One step forward, ten steps back," is how the progression—or rather, regression—of this series can best be described. With co-stars like Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman, one would expect fireworks. Instead, the series finds itself in a constant tussle between its ambition and its execution.

    In a peculiar choice, Taylor Sheridan and his team decided to veer off the historical accuracy of the Lioness Program, which turned out to be the show's kryptonite. While the first episode promised something revolutionary, the rest of the season seemed to dilute the very essence of that promise.

    A Lifeline Called Audience Approval

    Even with a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there's a shimmer of hope: a 75% audience approval rating. "Will there be a Season 2?" is the question on everyone's lips, and while Paramount+ remains tight-lipped, this audience goodwill could be the lifeline the show needs. Sheridan’s robust relationship with Paramount and his history of successful shows might also tip the scale in favor of a renewal, especially given the current state of industry strikes.

    Taylor Sheridan (Source: Elle)

    As far as what a hypothetical Season 2 could entail, the possibilities are vast. A time jump, flashbacks, or even a recentering on the Lioness Program are all on the table. What's certain, however, is that there's room for the series to course-correct and rediscover its initial allure. 

    The Million-Dollar Question: Renewed or Axed?

    Our crystal ball—or rather, our informed prediction—tells us that despite the hurdles, Special Ops: Lioness will most likely get a second run. With an audience that’s seemingly willing to forgive its imperfections, this might just be the comeback tale of the year.

    So, if you're eager to see what happens next in this labyrinthine world, keep those Paramount+ subscriptions active. We promise to keep you updated with the latest buzz as we get it.

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