Remember when Martin Scorsese branded superhero films as 'Theme Parks'

    In a 2019 face-off, iconic director Martin Scorsese branded superhero movies as mere 'theme parks' and not real cinema, sparking a Hollywood debate on the essence of modern filmmaking.

    <p>Martin Scorsese (Source: Esquire)</p>

    Martin Scorsese (Source: Esquire)

    Scorsese's Verdict: Not My Kind of Cinema

    Two years ago, Martin Scorsese, the luminary behind iconic films such as "Taxi Driver" and "Goodfellas," ventured into an unexpected battleground – the dominion of superhero cinema. In an era where comic book adaptations were drawing massive crowds and shattering box-office records, Scorsese threw a curveball with his audacious claim.

    "Superhero Films? More Like Theme Parks!"

    Scorsese's spicy take wasn't about dismissing the hard work put into these blockbusters. He recognized the effort by saying they are "well made...with actors doing the best they can." Yet, he boldly declared, "But that’s not cinema." His analogy? "It’s like theme parks." His words echoed the sentiment of many traditionalists, yearning for movies that delve into the raw, unfiltered emotional experiences of humanity.

    Avengers: End Game (Source: Polygon)

    Meanwhile, the superhero juggernaut, "Avengers: Endgame," had freshly etched its mark, becoming the highest-grossing film of its time. With such unparalleled commercial success, Marvel's head honcho, Kevin Feige, defended the integrity of his cinematic universe. His comparison of Marvel's lack of major awards to Alfred Hitchcock's surprising Best Director snub was pure gold: "It’s very nice, but it doesn’t mean everything."

    Scorsese's Modern Masterpiece Amidst the Superhero Storm

    Amidst this electric clash, Scorsese's "The Irishman" was making waves with groundbreaking "de-aging" technology. As the world was marveling over Marvel (pun intended), Scorsese continued to deliver what he believed was pure cinema. And speaking of influences, "Joker," which was released around the same time, nodded heavily to Scorsese's earlier works.

    The Irishman (Source: Awardsdaily)

    This throwback reminds us of the fierce passion and commitment creators have for their craft. It's a testament to the rich tapestry of stories and styles that Hollywood offers. Whether you're queuing up for a roller-coaster superhero ride or a deep cinematic experience, there's no denying the power of the movies.

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