Revisiting 2022: Mike Myers’ flirtation with Austin powers & his evergreen affair with Shrek!

    Throwback to 2022 when Mike Myers spilled his love for Shrek and hinted at an Austin Powers return. A nostalgic dive into the genius of Myers' character transformations.

    <p>Mike Myers (Source: People)</p>

    Mike Myers (Source: People)

    Mike Myers in 2022: From Swamp Ogres to International Spies

    As the chilly winds of September 2023 brush against our faces, it's always heartwarming to stroll down memory lane and reminisce about simpler times. Just last year, the evergreen Mike Myers sat down and got candid about his love for a certain green ogre and hinted at the return of an iconic British spy. Remember that?

    An Ogre's Tale: More than Just Layers

    "Taking a fairytale and turning it on its head", was Myers' take on the whole Shrek saga. And honestly, didn't we all feel the same way? Shrek's transformation from a "self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre" not only melted our hearts but also reshaped how we looked at fairytales. The genius twist where villains turned heroes and vice versa was a ride we didn't know we needed.

    Mike Myers in Austin Powers (USA Today)

    And if you thought the nostalgia ended there, Myers, in his usual charming fashion, confessed, "I loved playing Shrek. If I had to do one Shrek a year I'd be thrilled." The franchise itself, spanning four movies, had become synonymous with names like Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and Antonio Banderas, with Puss in Boots stealing the limelight for a brief spinoff stint in 2011.

    From Shrek's Swamp to Austin's Groovy Lair

    While the world gushed over his love for the ogre, Mike Myers didn't stop at just Shrek. Oh no, the Austin Powers tease was what left us all in splits and speculations. When Myers coyly mentioned he "would love to do" a fourth Austin Powers flick, the fandom went berserk! Those legendary characters, from the smooth spy Austin "Danger" Powers to the hilariously evil Dr. Evil, are cinema gold. And Myers? Well, he was as elusive as ever, giving us a “non-confirmed, confirmation confirmation.”

    Shrek (Source: MUBI)

    The Legend Continues...

    A year has passed since that iconic 2022 interview, as reported by People. While we await, with bated breath, any new adventures from the mastermind that is Mike Myers, let's take a moment to appreciate the years of laughter, tears, and raw emotion he's gifted us. Here's to more fairytales, more spoofs, and of course, more Mike Myers.

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