Revisiting Josh Hutcherson's fierce support for Jennifer Law's wage gap fight

    A nostalgic dive into when Josh Hutcherson championed Jennifer Lawrence's wage gap crusade, calling the disparity embarrassing and shocking.

    <p>Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence (Source: People)</p>

    Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence (Source: People)

    The dazzling lights of Hollywood often mask its own disparities, but sometimes stars use their shine to highlight these dark corners. Rewinding the clocks to the mid-2010s, a fervent conversation on the wage gap in Hollywood ignited, with none other than Hunger Games superstar Jennifer Lawrence at its epicenter. But alongside her, a co-star and close ally, Josh Hutcherson, emerged as an unwavering pillar of support.

    Hutcherson's ovation for Lawrence's bravery

    When Jennifer Lawrence unveiled her thoughts on the wage disparity in Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lenny, it wasn't just her fans who rallied behind her. Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner openly supported her, but it was her on-screen ally, Josh Hutcherson's passionate backing that caught many eyes. "For Jen to use her platform to speak about it in her classic Jen way, just blunt, saying what she thinks, I think it’s great," Hutcherson remarked in an MTV interview, calling the persistent issue "f–king embarrassing and shocking."

    The Hunger Games bond was evident off-screen as well. Hutcherson appreciated Lawrence for stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing a contentious topic. Despite Lawrence's general reluctance to delve into controversies, her bold step into the wage gap debate was something Hutcherson felt really proud of. “It’s nice to see her now taking that step, being progressive, and using her voice not just to make people laugh,” he added fondly.

    Shattering the Hollywood mirage

    But Josh Hutcherson didn't stop at just Hollywood's wage disparity; he took the issue beyond the studios, addressing the daily reality of average Americans. His strong feelings about the matter were palpable as he stated, "It’s just so f–king shocking that a guy and girl coming out of college with the exact same degree...women will get paid significantly less."

    Today, as we reminisce about those pivotal moments in Hollywood's journey towards equality, the candidness and earnestness of stars like Hutcherson remind us that change often begins with a few, but resonates with many. And as the film reels keep turning, we can only hope that such disparities become a thing of the past, becoming mere footnotes in the annals of Hollywood history.

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