Revisiting Mel Gibson on Lethal Weapon 5 drama amid Warner Bros. discovery merger

    After facing delays due to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, Mel Gibson finally brought Lethal Weapon 5 to life. Set to come 35 years post the original, it promises to be a nostalgic trip down the '80s memory lane!

    <p>Mel Gibson (Source: AP News)</p>

    Mel Gibson (Source: AP News)

    Fasten your seat belts because we're embarking on a nostalgic journey back to the blockbuster decade of the '80s! The iconic buddy-cop drama series, Lethal Weapon, is making its comeback, and the air is thick with both excitement and tension. The Warner Bros. Discovery merger had sent the Lethal Weapon 5 project into a whirlwind of uncertainty. "The only delay is now with all the shake-up at Warners," the determined Mel Gibson, the star and now-director of the film, stated. Under his guidance, our hopes remain high for the installment to eventually see the light of day, even if we have to wait a tad bit longer than anticipated.

    Crafting the legacy

    Given Richard Donner's unfortunate passing in 2021, it's heartening to know that Gibson and team are committed to continuing the legacy in the spirit of Donner's vision. “They had a really good template,” Gibson remarked about the original screenplay by Donner and Richard Wenk. It's a poignant tribute, and all of us '80s babies can't wait to experience it!

    Original dynamo Danny Glover, aka Detective Roger Murtaugh, is on board, alongside some fresh faces, including actor Bob Jennings. For those too young to remember, the Lethal Weapon magic began in 1987, spawning a series of films and even a Fox TV show that concluded its three-season run in 2018.

    Danny Glover and Mel Gibson (Source: IMDb)

    Nostalgia's in the air

    Let's face it; the '80s were cinematic gold. With Lethal Weapon 5 marking its return 35 years after the original's debut, it's clearly a time for epic comebacks. We've seen a recent wave of '80s sequels, from Top Gun: Maverick to the Beverly Hills Cop series, where most original cast members are reuniting with Eddie Murphy.

    In today's age of reboots and remakes, there's something genuinely touching about a sequel that takes its time, marinating in its rich history before serving fans a fresh dose of nostalgia.

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