Revisiting 'The Kidnapping Day': how snapchat turned Patrick Hernandez-ball into a UCLA legend!

    Throwing back to the captivating "kidnapping day" Snapchat story that made Patrick Hernandez-Ball a social media sensation at UCLA. A creative narrative that sparked campus-wide recognition.

    <p>Patrick Hernandez-Ball</p>

    Patrick Hernandez-Ball

    In winter, during the throes of finals week, a Snapchat narrative erupted depicting a fictional kidnapping of two students at De Neve Gardenia, UCLA. This gripping tale, presented in rapid 10-second intervals, had students and faculty alike refreshing Snapchat, eager to uncover the story's next twist.

    Behind the Snap: Patrick's Creative Mind

    Hernandez-Ball's inventive approach to storytelling wasn't limited to the "kidnapping day" plot. This UCLA student had a flair for freestyle rapping, singing, and crafting compelling narratives. With about 40 campus stories under his belt, each raking in an average of 5,000 views, it was clear Hernandez-Ball had a unique connection with the student body.

    “The kidnapping story was the big crazy thing that started it all,” said Hernandez-Ball, reminiscing about the day that skyrocketed his social media presence. Following the Snapchat narrative, UCLA's campus was abuzz with #SavePatrick hashtags, transforming Hernandez-Ball from a regular student to a familiar face recognized across halls and cafes.

    And while the "kidnapping" series might have been his magnum opus, Patrick's creative journey on Snapchat started way before. An impromptu rap at Westwood In-N-Out's drive-thru window was his initial foray into the limelight. “This planted the idea in my head that I could rap and make it on the Snapchat story,” Hernandez-Ball reflected.

    Patrick Hernandez

    Guided by Snapchat's daily and weekly filters, Patrick's creativity knew no bounds. From light-hearted cooking videos, like "Ballin’ on a Budget", where he taught fellow students to create 'meals' from desk-snacks, to spontaneous raps, every snap was a hit.

    A Natural Performer

    Gus Pamungkas, Patrick's roommate and close friend, observed, “I always knew he had a knack for expressing himself," adding that it was heartening to see Patrick's passion align with content people loved.

    Though Patrick Hernandez-Ball hasn't converted his Snapchat fame into a professional career, he remains a beloved figure at UCLA. As he himself put it, “My Snapchats are really me just doing what I have always enjoyed doing. I just have gotten recognition for it.”

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