Robert Pattinson's superhero diet secrets revealed! no pizza allowed?

    Robert Pattinson dishes out on his intense diet and workout regimen for The Batman, while co-star Zoë Kravitz shares her experience of grueling training. Dive into the behind-the-scenes challenges of becoming Gotham's heroes!

    <p>Robert Pattinson</p>

    Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson's journey to becoming the Dark Knight in The Batman wasn't just about wearing the cape and cowl—it was a transformative experience that demanded discipline and dedication beyond measure.

    Robert Pattinson

    In a candid interview with On Demand Entertainment, Pattinson peeled back the curtain on his rigorous preparation for the role. "I never want to see a piece of white, boiled fish with just lemon on it," he quipped, shedding light on his restrictive diet. Gone were the indulgences like pizza, as the actor committed to a Spartan eating regimen to achieve the physique required for the iconic role.

    Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse (Source: Glamour)

    But it wasn't just about what went into his body—it was also about the sweat equity he invested in the gym. Pattinson confessed, "Training’s a lot more fun when you kind of get good at it," revealing the grueling six-week mark where exercise became a non-negotiable part of his routine. Despite the initial struggle, he found solace in the process, admitting, "Once you pass over the kind of six-week mark, then it’s all right… Then you feel bad if you’re not doing it."

    Pattinson's co-star, Zoë Kravitz, who portrays Catwoman, echoed his sentiments, revealing the intensity of her own preparation. "Three months of training beforehand and then you have to keep it up, so you literally just film and train. That’s the only thing that we did," she shared. For Kravitz, the physical demands of the role were "insane," marking a departure from her usual routines.

    As Pattinson and Kravitz pushed themselves to embody the iconic characters of Gotham, their commitment to the craft shone through. From dietary sacrifices to relentless training, their journey to bring The Batman to life was as arduous as it was rewarding.

    For fans eagerly awaiting the film's release, this behind-the-scenes glimpse offers a tantalizing preview of the dedication behind the capes and cowls of Gotham's heroes.

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