Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford's hilarious meltdown with Alison Hammond goes viral

    Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford break character in a hilariously derailed interview with Alison Hammond, turning a press segment into a viral sensation.

    Ryan Gosling (Source: Cosmopolitan)

    Ryan Gosling (Source: Cosmopolitan)

    In the world of Hollywood, where press interviews often run the gamut from mundane to monotonous, a truly memorable encounter is as rare as a unicorn sighting. Yet, Alison Hammond, with her unparalleled charm and wit, managed to turn what could have been another run-of-the-mill interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford into a viral sensation that still resonates with fans today. Promoting Blade Runner 2049, the duo found themselves in a laughter-filled debacle, showcasing their seldom-seen humorous sides to the delight of audiences worldwide.

    Ryan Gosling

    The interview, which quickly spiraled into an array of slapstick outtakes, began with Hammond's unsuspecting icebreaker, presenting the actors with drinking glasses reminiscent of those from the original Blade Runner set. Gosling's amusement was palpable as he inquired if Hammond was a fan of the original film, only to be met with her candid admission of never having seen it. This moment set the tone for what was to become an interview filled with genuine laughter and unexpected turns.

    Harrison Ford

    "That's so cool that you did that," Gosling remarked, only for the conversation to take a hilarious dive into the realms of the absurd. With Ford grinning and Gosling resorting to whiskey for comedic relief, the segment highlighted the actors' ability to let loose, a trait seldom witnessed by the public.

    What made this interview stand out was not just the laughter but the rare glimpse it offered into the personalities of Gosling and Ford. Known for their guarded and polite demeanor towards the press, both actors revealed a side of themselves that audiences had rarely seen. "It’s no surprise that this interview has garnered more widespread attention than most," reflecting the uniqueness of their camaraderie and the infectious joy they shared with Hammond.

    Ford's response to being asked about his reaction to the "Blade Runner" sequel was particularly telling, "‘So what?’" he quipped, showcasing a level of candor and humor that deviated from the often scripted nature of celebrity interviews. Meanwhile, Gosling, overwhelmed by laughter, offered a refreshingly humble side as he attempted to volunteer with the camera crew to escape the uncontrollable giggles.

    Years later, the interview remains a testament to the unpredictable magic that can arise when the right personalities collide. It serves as a reminder that beneath the polished veneer of celebrity, there are genuine moments of joy and hilarity waiting to be uncovered. Alison Hammond, through her genuine curiosity and infectious humor, managed to bring out the best in Gosling and Ford, turning a routine press interview into a moment of pure, unadulterated joy.

    As we look back on this iconic moment, it's clear that the laughter shared between Gosling, Ford, and Hammond was more than just a brief respite from the usual press circuit. It was a rare glimpse into the lighter side of Hollywood, proving that sometimes, all it takes to break the ice is a pair of novelty glasses and a mini bottle of whiskey. In the world of celebrity interviews, this one will be remembered not for the soundbites, but for the unbridled laughter it brought to everyone involved, making it a truly unforgettable moment in entertainment history.

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