Sophie Turner opened up about mental health struggles amidst Game of Thrones fame

    Sophie Turner reflected on the mental health challenges she faced growing up in the public eye during her Game of Thrones fame.

    Sophie Turner (Source: The New York Times)

    Sophie Turner (Source: The New York Times)

    Reflecting on the soaring highs and daunting lows of Sophie Turner's journey, her candid discussions about mental health during her rise to fame as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones stand out. Turner's openness about her struggles offers a rare glimpse into the pressures faced by young actors in the limelight. Starting on Game of Thrones at just 13, Turner's adolescence unfolded in front of millions. With social media gaining momentum, her every move and appearance were scrutinized. "I wished I never had my adolescence displayed in public," Turner confessed. The constant exposure and commentary led to a significant decline in her mental health, with Turner admitting, "I used to think about suicide a lot when I was younger."

    The pressures of fame and the changes of puberty collided, leaving Turner feeling "desperately unhappy" and "a complete mess." This struggle with body image and public perception pushed her towards therapy at 19. "Everyone's metabolism slows down at 17, 18 and then that's documented," she noted, emphasizing how being too aware of her body from a young age impacted her deeply.

    Finding strength in vulnerability

    Turner's decision to seek help was a pivotal moment. It was not just about healing but also about advocating for mental health awareness. "Everyone needs a therapist, especially when people are constantly telling you you're not good enough," Turner stated, highlighting the importance of having professional support. Her journey from a young actress to a vocal advocate for mental health is as inspiring as it is vital. Turner's experiences with depression and the pressures of conforming to industry standards echo the experiences of many young people in the spotlight.

    A beacon of hope

    Today, looking back at Sophie Turner's evolution, her story is not just one of fame but of resilience and advocacy. She transformed her personal struggles into a platform for change, encouraging open discussions about mental health and the unrealistic expectations placed on young actors. Turner's journey reminds us of the human side of fame and the importance of self-care and mental health support. Her courage in sharing her story has undoubtedly been a source of comfort and inspiration for many facing similar challenges.

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