Succession star Alan Ruck crashes truck into LA pizza joint

    Alan Ruck, known for Succession reportedly had a mishap where his truck ended up crashing into a Los Angeles pizzeria.

    Alan Ruck (Source: People)

    Alan Ruck (Source: People)

    The actor reportedly found himself in a multi-car collision at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. A source from law enforcement confirmed to EW that the accident, which occurred around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, resulted in injuries to two individuals and that there is no suspicion of a DUI involved in the ongoing investigation. TMZ was the first to report that Ruck's Rivian truck collided with Raffallo's Pizza.

    Injuries Confirmed, No DUI Suspected

    Surveillance camera footage, as obtained by TMZ, illustrates the truck rear-ending two other vehicles, causing one of them to collide with a third car in the middle of the intersection before crashing into the building. TMZ also mentioned that Ruck remained at the scene after exiting his truck.

    Tim Ratcliff, an eyewitness and the proprietor of several neighboring restaurants, recounted the incident to the local news station KTLA. He mentioned, "The entire building shook, and I initially thought there had been an explosion or something of that sort." Ratcliff added that he encountered Ruck right after the incident, saying, "I inquired, 'Are you alright?' and his immediate concern was, 'Is everyone else okay? I believe I may have hit someone. Is that person okay?'"

    A Cinematic Coincidence: Cameron's Ferrari Mishap

    Ruck got an Emmy nod for his role as Connor Roy, the oldest sibling on the hit HBO show, Succession, which wrapped up its four-season run this year. He first became famous for playing Cameron Frye, the super uptight best buddy of Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller in the '86 teen comedy. 

    Fun fact: in the movie, there's a scene where Cameron accidentally wrecks his dad's beloved Ferrari by driving it through a window.

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