Susan Sarandon broke age barriers in Hollywood with Tammy role

    Susan Sarandon, in her candid portrayal of a grandmother in Tammy, discussed the liberating experience and challenges of aging in Hollywood, defying traditional industry norms.

    Susan Sarandon (Source: NBC)

    Susan Sarandon (Source: NBC)

    Susan Sarandon, an icon in the film industry, recently delved into the complexities of ageing in Hollywood with her role in the comedy Tammy. This part was more than just a character; it was a statement against the rigid age norms of the industry. When approached by Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone for the role of McCarthy’s grandmother, Pearl, in Tammy, Sarandon’s initial concern was not about the risk of ageing on screen. Instead, she focused on the authenticity of the character. "If Pearl were all about facial hair, little glasses and a funny voice," Sarandon mused, she feared it would detract from the character's depth. Once assured of a realistic portrayal, Sarandon embraced the role, transforming into Pearl with minimal makeup and a wardrobe that reflected the character’s hard-lived life.

    Challenging Hollywood's perception of aging

    Sarandon's approach to playing Pearl was liberating. She found freedom in not having to focus on her appearance, a stark contrast to the usual demands of Hollywood. "It’s very liberating, actually, to not ever be looking at what you look like," she said. This role allowed Sarandon to challenge the typical portrayal of older women in film and to highlight the vitality and engagement of her generation.

    A bold stance against ageism

    Sarandon’s portrayal in Tammy goes beyond just another role; it's a powerful statement against ageism in Hollywood. She highlighted the importance of showcasing older characters as active, vital, and far from the stereotype of being relegated to the background. "There are so many women who are my age and older who are so vital and engaged," Sarandon noted, emphasizing the need for representation that mirrors reality.

    In a world where ageing is often seen as a decline, Susan Sarandon stands as a beacon of change, showing that age can be a journey of continued growth and creativity. Her role in Tammy is not just a performance; it's a testament to her enduring spirit and a challenge to the industry's narrow view of ageing. Sarandon's journey in Tammy is a reminder that age in Hollywood, and in life, is not a limitation, but an opportunity for new narratives and deeper character exploration.

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