Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell heated up CinemaCon with Anyone but You

    Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell captivated audiences at CinemaCon, promoting their steamy rom-com Anyone but You, a modern take on Shakespeare's work

    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney (Source: Vox)

    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney (Source: Vox)

    In the world of Hollywood romances, few things generate as much buzz as a fresh on-screen pairing with undeniable chemistry. Enter Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, who lit up CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April 2023, promoting their upcoming romantic comedy, Anyone but You. Anyone but You isn't just another romantic comedy; it's a creative adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Set in a contemporary context, the story revolves around college arch-nemeses who, years after graduation, reunite at a destination wedding. They pretend to be a couple for personal reasons but eventually fall for each other, following the classic enemies-to-lovers trope. This Shakespearean adaptation promises a blend of classic storytelling with modern sensibilities.

    The movie, directed by Will Gluck, known for hits like Easy A and Friends With Benefits, is slated for a mid-December release by Sony. The anticipation for this release is high, with Sweeney and Powell's dynamic at CinemaCon adding fuel to the fire. "What better place to put a nightmare and an asshole than on the other side of the world in the most romantic setting imaginable?" Sweeney quipped about their characters during the convention.

    More than just a rom-com

    Despite falling under the romantic comedy genre, Anyone but You is set to break the mold with an R-rated rating, a departure from the typically PG-13 rom-com fare. A sneak peek into the trailer reveals scenes featuring a lot of nudity, indicating a racier approach to the genre. The chemistry between Sweeney and Powell was palpable during their appearance at CinemaCon. Their playful banter and flirtatious exchanges, including Sweeney's nickname for Powell, Top Gun, added to the speculation about their off-screen relationship. This speculation was further fueled by reports of Powell's recent breakup, despite both actors reportedly being in relationships at the time.

    Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's upcoming Anyone but You is more than just a film; it's a showcase of fresh talent, a modern take on a classic tale, and a testament to the evolving landscape of romantic comedies. With its unique blend of Shakespearean influence, contemporary setting, and an R-rated twist, this film is poised to be a standout in its genre, driven by the compelling chemistry of its leading stars.

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