Taylor Swift & Google's puzzle frenzy: A glimpse into the vault of ‘1989’ (Taylor’s Version)

    Taylor Swift teased Swifties with an internet scavenger hunt for her 1989 (Taylor Version) vault tracks, leading to wild speculations and collaborations with Google.

    <p>Taylor Swift (Source: People)</p>

    Taylor Swift (Source: People)

    In the world of music and mysteries, leave it to Taylor Swift to masterfully combine the two. This global superstar keeps her fans forever on their toes - this time with a tantalizing internet scavenger hunt.

    Unscrambling Swift's enigma: The vault tracks revealed

    Swift tasked her loyal followers, also called Swifties, with a challenge – unscramble word clues on Google and be rewarded with the titles of her “1989” vault tracks (Taylor’s Version). And oh boy, did she deliver! On September 20, 2023, through her Taylor Nation accounts, she revealed four titles namely “Is It Over Now?”, "Now That We Don't Talk”, “Say Don't G”, and "Suburban Legends”. But what's a Taylor Swift challenge without leaving them craving more? The fifth track's title remains a swirling secret, waiting to be decoded.

    With Taylor dropping a teaser, showing a graphic of a vault and the letters “T-S-!-U-L”, fans dived deep into the world of words. Opinions clashed, debates ensued, and wild guesses like "slut!" and "lust!" were thrown into the mix.

    Google's involvement in Swiftie challenge: Can you solve the puzzle?

    Our modern-day treasure map, Google, initiated a campaign in collaboration with Taylor on September 19, 2023, to help fans uncover the meaning behind “T-S-!-U-L”. A search for ‘Taylor Swift’ on Google was said to produce a clickable blue vault. Crack open 89 puzzles, and reach a collective total of 33 million because, well, Swift is 33, and you'd be treated to the title reveals. But we all know how big Taylor is and the hunt wasn’t without glitches. Many reported the mysterious disappearance of this blue vault to which Google's quirky response was a tweet declaring the "vault is jammed" and promises to "be out of the woods soon."

    Swift’s history with vault surprises

    As we rewind the clocks, this isn't Swift's first dance with secretive tracks. She'd previously treated fans with a puzzle for her Red (Taylor's Version) album. And the forthcoming 1989 isn't just another album. Originally released in October 2014, Swift declared as her "FAVORITE" re-record, especially praising the vault tracks as "so insane."

    Swift embarked on this re-recording journey after her original masters were controversially sold, announcing plans to re-record her initial albums with Big Machine. As she said in her instagram post “The 1989 album changed my life... this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done.”

    As the world waits, watches, and wonders, one thing's for certain- When it comes to Taylor Swift, the music and the mystery go hand in hand.

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