'Tell me right now is it real' - Kanye West spills truth in new controversial track with Al Be Back

    Kanye West teams up with rapper Albert Daniels for a hot new track "Israel." The collaboration ignites excitement among fans and stirs up controversy over its devil references.

    <p>Kanye West (Source: Vulture)</p>

    Kanye West (Source: Vulture)

    Kanye West, the musical genius with no shortage of controversy, is back in the headlines. This time, not for a Twitter rant, but for a new musical collaboration that's already got the internet buzzing. "Tell me right now is it real", he passionately proclaims in a track that's bound to be dissected by critics and fans alike. The rap mogul is lending his voice to Albert Daniels, famously known as Al Be Back, for a new banger titled "Israel". 

    A Flashback to the Past

    Reuniting for a musical journey is nothing new for these two. Back in 2007, they gave fans a sonic treat in Kanye’s LP Graduation, where Albert Daniels made a memorable appearance on the bonus track “Good Night”, joining forces with none other than the revered rapper, Mos Def. As reported by HotNewHipHop, “Ain’t nobody pardon Hoover but we got the closest”, raps Kanye, making this upcoming release more tantalizing than ever.

    Al Be Back didn’t waste a minute, sharing snippets of their new song on social media. And the way he’s jumping and shouting, we can tell this one’s a bop! But as expected, the preview hints at some controversy. The devil references and the track’s title "Israel" aren’t going unnoticed, especially considering Kanye's previous comments on the Jewish community.

    What’s Next for Mr. West?

    Kanye West (Source: X)

    Well, the rapper isn't just lending his voice to "Israel". He's got another appearance in Al Be Back’s album, Dying Near A Charger, with the song “Concussions” that also features Fivo Foreign. But that's not the only time Kanye’s making news. There's a whirlwind around him as he files a lawsuit against an anonymous Instagram user who’s been leaking his music since March. The hunt is on, and Kanye suspects a former collaborator might be the culprit.

    Albert Daniels and Kanye West's "Israel" doesn't have a release date yet. But if the anticipation on social media is anything to go by, fans are in for a treat. And given Kanye's history with controversy, this track is bound to be more than just a song; it’ll be a statement.

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