'The ball's in his court': Is Downey Jr. the key to unlocking 'Sherlock Holmes 3'?

    After a roaring success with the 'Sherlock Holmes' series, Guy Ritchie unveils the challenges faced in the development of the much-anticipated 'Sherlock Holmes 3'. The ball seems to be firmly in Robert Downey Jr.'s court. What's holding back the detective?

    <p>Robert Downey Jr. (Source: People)</p>

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: People)

    'Sherlock Holmes 3': From Blockbuster Hits to Baffling Delays

    It's been a roller-coaster ride for 'Sherlock Holmes' fans. From the first installment in 2009 that skyrocketed Robert Downey Jr. to a Golden Globe win, to a sequel in 2011 that raked in a whopping $543 million, the stakes have been set incredibly high for a third film. As reported by Screen Rant on February 24, 2023, a decade later, and the question still lingers: Where's 'Sherlock Holmes 3'?

    A Detective's Tale of Development Hell

    Guy Ritchie, the mastermind behind the first two films, shed some light on the situation in an interview with Collider. Surprisingly, Ritchie points towards Downey Jr.'s involvement, emphasizing, "Well, honestly, I left this up to Robert [Downey Jr.]. So Robert wanted to be in charge of this. The ball's in his court." It seems our beloved Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is holding the detective's magnifying glass, keenly overseeing the entire production process.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: IMDB)

    The Downey Jr. Effect: A Marvel(ous) Diversion?

    Downey Jr.'s stint as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though iconic, might have cast shadows over 'Sherlock Holmes 3'. Between fighting supervillains and saving the universe, one wonders if our detective got a tad side-tracked. But it's not all mystery and gloom. Recent updates suggest Downey Jr.'s unwavering commitment to the franchise. In 2020, there was buzzing excitement when it was revealed that Downey Jr., along with his wife Susan, was partnering with Warner Bros. to bring Sherlock Holmes to the small screen with spinoff TV shows on HBO Max.

    Holding Out for the Perfect Script?

    While the delay is disappointing, it may have a silver lining. The consensus is that the team is patiently waiting for the best script possible. With 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' just missing a "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there's understandable pressure to make the next installment not just good, but extraordinary.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: Game Rant)

    The absence of Ritchie in the director's chair might raise eyebrows, but there's hope with Rocketman's director, Dexter Fletcher, taking the reins. And while Downey Jr. seems to have a packed schedule with projects like Shane Black's 'Play Dirty', the hope is that the detective's hat will be donned sooner rather than later.

    After all, the game is still afoot. And with Downey Jr. and team on the case, fans can hold onto the hope that the best of Sherlock Holmes is yet to come.

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