The Crown Season 6: Did Princess Diana visit a psychic with Dodi Fayed? Here's the truth

    Here is the truth on whether Princess Diana consult a psychic along with Dodi Fayed as shown in The Crown Season 6.

    A still from The Crown Season 6

    A still from The Crown Season 6

    The Crown Season 6 Part 1 which has been released on the OTT streaming platform Netflix has been receiving rave reviews from fans. While the performances of the lead cast are being appreciated by the fans, the show has also come under the radar for being factually incorrect with some of the scenes. The show has also depicted Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and her lover till the time of her death Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) visiting a psychic.

    The Crown Season 6 shows Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed visiting a psychic

    Diana and Dodi could be seen going to Derbyshire to meet with a psychic on a whistle-stop helicopter ride to consult what to do about the latter’s engagement with model Kelly Fisher (Erin Richards). Now, while there is a lot of buzz surrounding whether this depiction was true, the author of ‘Queen Victoria's Descendants’ Marlene Koenig has confirmed in an interaction with Daily Express that the incident was true. Koenig told the publication, “Yes, Rita Rogers. She was Diana’s favourite [psychic]. In fact, Diana talked to her often.”

    The depiction of Diana visiting a psychic turns out to be true

    Marlene confirmed that just like in The Crown Season 6, Diana and Dodi indeed went to Derbyshire to consult the psychic. She had been there several times and would talk to Rita on the phone nearly once a week. That’s what one does when one has a psychic. She used psychics. Some people go to therapists. I remember seeing pictures of the helicopter landing.”

    Koenig hinted that Diana might have wanted to find out whether her relationship with Fayed had any future. She added, “It was very, very weird but it was very, very Diana. Maybe she wanted to find out if this relationship was going to go anywhere?” The author went on to say, “So she was dependent on this kind of [people] because they would flatter her and tell her what you want to hear.” Well, seems like the makers got this part of the depiction to be true. The fans will be treated to the second part of the concluding season on December 14, 2023.