The Crown under fire for twisting history again: Ex-employee claims Diana and Dodi's matchmaking tale was cooked up

    The Crown faces controversy as an ex-employee alleges the fabrication of Mohamed Al-Fayed's role in playing matchmaker for Diana and Dodi.

    The Crown S6 (Source: People)

    The Crown S6 (Source: People)

    The acclaimed British historical drama series, The Crown, is facing accusations of distorting historical facts, particularly in the alleged fabrication of Mohamed Al-Fayed's role as a matchmaker for Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. Michael Cole vehemently denies these claims.

    Director Peter Morgan's opulent portrayal of royal events suggests that the relationship was orchestrated by Al-Fayed, the deceased Egyptian business magnate, as part of a bid to secure British citizenship. However, this narrative distorts historical accuracy, as the allegation was already debunked in 1997.

    Diana and Dodi Still from The Crown S6 (Source: Digital Spy )

    Questioning 'The Crown's' Characterization

    Michael Cole, the former spokesperson for Al-Fayed, has consistently refuted any involvement of his ex-boss in Diana and Dodi's tragic romance, vehemently denying any role in its orchestration.

    In a conversation with Deadline, Cole clarified that he neither witnessed nor had any knowledge of Al-Fayed engineering the relationship or playing a part in publicizing the affair to the world, including the commissioning of photos of the couple.

    "Netflix and the production company describe 'The Crown' as 'dramatized fiction,' and I am not going to disagree with that characterization. That means it is made up," he asserted.

    Humor in Hindsight

    The Crown S6 (Source: People)

    Cole dismissed the notion of Al-Fayed's involvement in the relationship as "total nonsense," emphasizing that while Mohamed took delight in his son and family friend Diana being together, the idea of engineering their love was beyond his capabilities.

    With Al-Fayed's passing in August at the age of 94, Cole humorously remarked that his straightforward and outspoken former boss would have had "quite a lot to say" about 'The Crown' and its creative liberties in depicting various events.