The Duke Nicholson era: relieving Hollywood's secret Chateau Sanctuary

    A look back at 2020: Duke Nicholson and a select Hollywood crew turn Chateau Marmont into an ultra-exclusive haven amidst global chaos.

    <p>Duke Nicholson</p>

    Duke Nicholson

    In the heart of 2020, when the world seemed to stand still, Hollywood's fabled Chateau Marmont experienced an enchanting chapter led by actor Duke Nicholson and an entourage of showbiz's creme de la creme.

    Sofia Coppola’s 2010 film Somewhere painted a seductive portrait of the Chateau Marmont. Fast forward a decade, and life eerily mirrored art. "Nicholson on the balcony of room 69, one floor above Johnny Marco's preferred suite," conjures images of a Hollywood dream, only this wasn't scripted.

    Duke Nicholson

    In an unexpected twist of fate, as most hotels turned ghostly, Chateau Marmont became an enchanting oasis. Its captivating allure drew in the likes of Luka Sabbat, Keanu Reeves, Samantha Blake Cohen, and of course, our central figure, "actor Duke Nicholson." These select individuals turned the iconic hotel into "a clubhouse, salon, film and photoshoot set, and ultra-exclusive hideaway." In essence, Chateau Marmont morphed into 2020's most elite and refined hype house.

    Luka Sabbat's arrival at the Chateau in 2017 set the precedent. His fondness for the hotel was evident, "I never wanted to leave ever again. And… I haven’t!” But it was Duke Nicholson's essence, combined with other talented artists and the hotel's storied past, that truly revived its mystique amidst the trying times.

    Duke Nicholson

    The 2020 Chateau chronicles are more than just about exclusivity. They're tales of a sanctuary amidst global uncertainty, stories of creatives finding solace in a shared space, and reminders that even in the most challenging times, magic can unfurl in the most unexpected places.

    As we look back, it's undeniable how Duke Nicholson and his glittering entourage gave Chateau Marmont a resplendent chapter during one of history's most tumultuous years. Their saga serves as a testament to Hollywood's undying spirit and the lure of its legendary establishments.

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