'This could happen, this could be a thing that will change my life' - Andrew Garfield's intense journey to becoming the amazing Spider-Man

    Andrew Garfield shares a detailed behind-the-scenes look at his auditions and screen tests that led him to the iconic Spider-Man role, revealing his initial doubts and immense passion for the character.


    Andrew Garfield's web-slinging journey as The Amazing Spider-Man has captured hearts and sparked debates. But what brought him to this beloved Marvel role, and how did he win the hearts of some and raise the eyebrows of others?

    Swinging into the Role - Garfield’s Audition for Spider-Man

    As reported by The Nerd Stash, Garfield's path to Spider-Man began with curiosity and ambition. “When I got the chance to audition, I thought, ‘how cool would it be to fulfill some weird version of a childhood dream?’ So, of course, I auditioned and didn’t really think much of it in terms of I would get it or not.”

    It was a screen test, though, that catapulted his dreams into reality. The possibility hit him like a web to the face: "this could happen. This could be a thing that will change my life."

    From Doubt to Triumph - A Spider-Man Born from Passion

    Facing the enormous responsibility of carrying Spider-Man's legacy, Garfield had to tackle inner doubts. “Do I want to be that recognizable? Do I want to take on this responsibility?” were the questions that weighed heavily on his mind.

    But his love for the character overpowered his fear. "I was really nervous at that point, because I was like, “I really would like to do this!” And when you want to do something and may not get to do it, everything suddenly becomes very intense. You have to just take big risks and leave it to the gods."

    Garfield then gave himself an acting adjustment, treating the screen test like a playful 15-year-old filming a Spider-Man short with friends. “It’s about the joy of being this character,” he remarked, echoing the sentiment that would eventually guide his portrayal.

    Swinging Back with the Multiverse

    Garfield's Spider-Man journey took a nostalgic turn in 2021 when he returned alongside Tobey Maguire in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," standing with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This was more than a cameo; it was a celebration of different eras of Spider-Man, a testament to Garfield's lasting imprint on the role.

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