Throwback to Jennifer Lawrence's 'crystalled out' house drama and her cheeky booze moments

    Flashback to Jennifer Lawrence’s funny crystal debacle causing a house flood and her candid bourbon moments.

    <p>Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Rain)</p>

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Rain)

    Flashback to a warm evening in Los Angeles, around 2017. We revisit the moment when Jennifer Lawrence, the down-to-earth Hollywood megastar, is trying her best to sit still alongside a fire pit in the backyard of a Mediterranean-style rental home high in the hills.

    The 'crystalled out' house and the great flood

    When Jennifer first moved into her new home, it was adorned with crystals everywhere. "Please get rid of these; I don’t want people to come over here and think I’m a crystal person," she had exclaimed. Ignoring advice to get a crystal lady to move them, Lawrence had the crystals yanked out and sold. And then, in her own words, “my f***ing house flooded.” Her crystal adventure left her with a notorious dislike for them, marking an unexpected and humorous chapter in her life.

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    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: People)

    A quirky bourbon rendezvous

    Back in the rental, devoid of crystals, she pulls a blanket over her sweater and wide-leg Zimmermann pants. A bottle of Old Grand-Dad bourbon, a nod to Lawrence’s Kentucky roots, is brought, celebrating the hour past 5:00 p.m. Her remark upon learning about the $19.99 cost of the booze? “Wow, I shouldn’t be wasting this on you. I’m going to save it for company.

    Amid the laughs, Lawrence’s casual and relatable demeanor shines through. Despite the chaos and the quirks, this incident only adds to her charm, making fans and followers love her even more for her candidness and realness.

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    Beyond her screen roles and accolades, such tales about Jennifer Lawrence continue to captivate and entertain, highlighting the human, humorous, and humble aspects behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stardom. It’s moments like these, looking back, that make us realize that even in the world of spotlights and big screens, actors like Lawrence still navigate through the quirky adventures life throws at them, leaving us with memorable and often hilarious stories to revisit and relish.

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