Throwback: Tom Hardy's tumultuous trip from 'Bronson' to 'Venom: Let there be carnage'

    Dive deep into Tom Hardy's journey from his groundbreaking dual performance in 'Bronson' to co-writing & starring in the smashing hit 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage.'

    <p>Tom Hrady (Source: Planet Radio)</p>

    Tom Hrady (Source: Planet Radio)

    Over a decade has whizzed by since Tom Hardy faced a peculiar challenge on the set of Bronson - a sudden vacancy for an actor. But as reported by The Hollywood Reporter in 2021, the team's inspired solution led Hardy to play dual roles in a riveting scene. This little "twist of fate" might've hinted at Hardy's future in mastering dual roles, especially as Eddie Brock and Venom.

    "Two Faces, One Star!"

    Tom Hardy's penchant for dual roles took a momentous leap with 2008's Bronson. As Kelly Marcel, a script editor on Bronson, reminisced, “You can write anything for him and he can do it.” But the true dual-role magic unfurled in the Marvel landscape when Hardy brilliantly toggled between Eddie Brock and Venom in the Venom series.

    Tom Hardy in Bronson (Source: Slash Films)

    "Behind the Venomous Stories"

    In 2018, after the colossal success of Venom, amassing a staggering $856 million globally, Hardy didn't just bask in the limelight. He became actively involved in the sequel's direction. And this wasn't just a mere cameo. Joining forces with Kelly Marcel, the dynamic duo meticulously analyzed audience feedback and crafted the story for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. "A lot of the work then is done for you as an actor," Hardy mused about his dual role as co-writer and actor. His unparalleled agility in switching between characters left producers, like Hutch Parker, in absolute awe, exclaiming, “I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this.”

    The collaboration took another exciting turn when director Andy Serkis hopped aboard. Recognizing Hardy's deep dive into character, reminiscent of Serkis' own iconic roles like Gollum, he aptly noted, “My job was then to catch that gold that he was basically throwing out all over the place.” This synergy made Hardy's portrayal of Eddie Brock even more captivating. On set, his innovative process involved recording Venom lines prior to scenes and acting opposite an earpiece, making Marcel's real-time script edits seem almost organic.

    Venom (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    Woody Harrelson, joining as the menacing Carnage, noted Hardy's dedication, revealing, "He's not even acting in it, and he’s there the entire night.”

    Legacy & AnticipationWhile Let There Be Carnage holds the limelight, the fandom is buzzing with anticipation. After all, as Hardy cheekily hints, “If it’s successful, there is another one to do.” And with Hardy's unmatched dedication, who knows what dual-role delights await us next?

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