TV or love? Jennifer Lawrence chooses reality tv over romance!

    Revisiting Jennifer Lawrence's 2014 confessions, the star reveals her unique taste in TV and men, preferring Larry David over passionate love.

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: ABC)

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: ABC)

    As we dive into the past, let's remember a time when Jennifer Lawrence, at 24, candidly opened up to Vanity Fair in its November 2014 issue. The actress, known for her refreshing honesty, revealed her love for reality TV and how it influences her dating life.

    Larry David

    “I would just rather have somebody that has the same taste in reality TV," Lawrence confessed. Her favorites? A mixed bag from 'Dance Moms' to the 'Real Housewives' series and even Doomsday Preppers. However, she admitted finding Hoarders slightly less engaging. It's clear that for Lawrence, a shared love for reality TV is non-negotiable in love.

    But it's not just TV tastes that matter. Jennifer Lawrence craved a relationship where she and her partner could be their authentic selves. “You know, a guy who isn’t afraid to fart in front of me," she expressed. For Lawrence, the essence of a deep relationship was about comfort and peace, rather than passionate conflicts. “I don’t like fighting, and I find argumentative people the most annoying people on the planet," she added.

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Glamour)

    The biggest reveal, however, was about her celebrity crush. Defying expectations, Lawrence declared her love for Larry David. “I’m in love with him, and I have been for a really long time... I worship Woody Allen, but I don’t feel it below the belt the way I do for Larry David,” she boldly stated. This surprising confession added another layer to the multifaceted personality of Jennifer Lawrence.

    Looking back, it's fascinating to see how Lawrence's candidness and unique preferences set her apart in Hollywood. Her love for reality TV, desire for a peaceful relationship, and unexpected celebrity crush paint a picture of an actress unafraid to be herself. As she continues to charm us on and off the screen, we're reminded of the young star who once candidly shared her heart's desires in an interview that remains memorable to this day.

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