Tyson Fury blasts Netflix reality show as 'Bulls**t' despite massive success

    Boxing heavyweight Tyson Fury calls his own Netflix reality show, 'At Home With The Furys,' as 'bulls**t' and reveals how he almost ended the series midway, questioning the streaming giant's portrayal of his life.

    Tyson Fury (Source: BenchWarmers)

    Tyson Fury (Source: BenchWarmers)

    The boxing ring is no stranger to drama, but who knew Tyson Fury's venture into reality TV with Netflix would be just as tumultuous? The heavyweight champ recently opened up about his concerns, and let's just say he's got a few jabs left to throw outside the ring.

    A Peek Beyond the Punches

    "At Home With The Furys", Netflix's fresh take on the family reality TV model, offered viewers an all-access pass into the champion's private life. From celebrating a new addition to the Fury family to capturing Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague's journey to parenthood, the show had it all. However, according to Fury, it wasn't quite the 'whole reality.'

    Fury's confession on a recent episode of Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley was candid, to say the least. "Netflix didn't want to film the whole reality," he remarked, adding, "(It's) proper bulls**t." While his expectations of what should be included in a 'real' reality show might raise a few eyebrows, it's clear the champ felt a touch mislead by Netflix's production.

    Tyson Fury (Source: CNN)

    Rethinking The Ring - and the Contract

    Though the series was a knockout among fans, behind the scenes was a different story. While speaking on Capital XTRA Breakfast with Robert Bruce and Shayna Marie, Fury dropped the bombshell that he even pondered ditching the Netflix gig. "Yeah I wanted out," Fury revealed, further explaining how he felt he had "made a mistake" by signing up for the show. Turns out, even the toughest in the ring can second-guess.

    Yet, despite his hesitations, it's not all jabs and uppercuts from the heavyweight. In true Fury style, the boxer still finds room to jest. Addressing potential concerns about revealing the location of his family home on the show, he quipped, "Everybody's welcome," adding with his trademark wit, "... take everything I've got because it's insured and I can get it new... [I'm] stinking rich."

     it appears the boxing champ is just as captivating outside the ring as he is inside it. Whether Tyson will round two with reality TV remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure - he won't pull any punches.

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