'Unhealthy' obsession pays off: Guillermo del Toro to bring Frankenstein to life with Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield

    Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield to star in Guillermo del Toro's adaptation of Frankenstein, a project he's been dreaming of since childhood. 

    <p>Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield (Source: The Mary Sue)</p>

    Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield (Source: The Mary Sue)

    In the grand tradition of breathing new life into classic tales, Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro is now poised to tackle one of literature's most enduring characters - Frankenstein's monster. And who better to bring this creation to life than stars Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield?

    Oscar Isaac Joins del Toro's Dream Project

    "Frankenstein," described by del Toro as a project he's "been dreaming of doing...since [he] was a child," will feature Isaac as the titular scientist, Victor Frankenstein. As reported by Giant Freaking Robot, Andrew Garfield is also expected to join Isaac, taking on the role of Frankenstein's monster.

    Del Toro's passion for the story has been well documented, with the director's obsession even described as "unhealthy." Nevertheless, fans seem to agree that Isaac, Garfield, and del Toro collaborating on the film is the "best thing" for the project. And with Netflix reportedly backing this new adaptation, the excitement is palpable.

    Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac (Source: DNA India)

    The Road to "Frankenstein": Del Toro's Lifelong Fascination

    While it might seem like a departure from his previous work on Pinocchio, del Toro's fascination with the Frankenstein story runs deep. He's often spoken about how it's one of the most important books of his life. The Pacific Rim director told the Variety Awards podcast that he's been working on the idea for years, although he's also cautioned that nothing was confirmed yet.

    Now, with the casting news of Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield, del Toro's unhealthy obsession appears to be paying off. The film is expected to be another project under del Toro's deal with Netflix, which he signed in August 2020, following the success of Pinocchio.

    Guillermo del Toro's 'Pinocchio' (2022) (Source: IMDB)

    The unknowns still abound, such as whether del Toro plans to adapt the story directly from the original book. As del Toro once said, if he gets the opportunity to work on a Frankenstein film, he would do it the right way. With Isaac and Garfield on board, and the backing of Netflix, it seems he has everything he needs to make his childhood dream a reality.

    In the often-predictable world of cinema, Guillermo del Toro continues to surprise and delight with his ability to reinvent classic stories. This Frankenstein adaptation is shaping up to be another feather in his cap, and with the casting of Oscar Isaac, it's one step closer to coming to life.

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