What secrets does Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's post-credits scene reveal about the DC universe's future

    Does Jason Momoa's Aquaman have a future in James Gunn's new DCU? (Spoilers Below)

    <p>Aquaman (Source: DC Studios)</p>

    Aquaman (Source: DC Studios)

    The movie heralds the comeback of Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry (portrayed by Jason Momoa). Having claimed the throne of Atlantis, Curry must confront an assault by David Kane, aka Black Manta (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), featuring elements such as light necromancy, zombies.

    A lethal sonic weapon, and an unlikely cephalopod companion. This epic journey leads our hero through the depths of the ocean, a mutated jungle, a desolate desert, and Antarctica, exploring themes of global warming and racism along the way.

    Aquaman 2 (Source: X)

    Sibling Mischief

    Aquaman 2 features a post-credits scene that cleverly recalls one of the film's lighthearted moments. In this installment, Aquaman is tasked with rescuing his brother Orm (played by Patrick Wilson) from the Deserters, requiring him to infiltrate a high-security desert prison—a daunting challenge for citizens of Atlantis, who find being far from water to be a unique form of punishment. As the two embark on a mission to confront Kane, Aquaman can't resist playing a prank on his younger brother along the way.

    Aquaman challenges Orm's disdain for the surface world, pointing out that his prejudices deprive him of enjoyable experiences like savoring hamburgers, beer, and tacos. Orm, initially resistant, starts to reconsider his perspective as Aquaman enthusiastically extols the virtues of these earthly pleasures. In a surprising twist, Aquaman introduces a cockroach as the land's equivalent of shrimp, prompting Orm to try it, much to Aquaman's chagrin.

    Orm (Source: Youtube)

    In the post-credits scene, Orm relishes the burger and beer his brother raved about. However, a cockroach interrupts the moment, crawling onto the table. Unfazed, Orm crushes the bug, adds it to his burger, and takes a bold bite. A radiant smile spreads across his face as he appreciates the unexpected flavor, concluding the scene with a black screen.

    Dark Horizons

    Typically, post-credits scenes offer glimpses into our hero's upcoming adventures. Both Warner Bros. and Marvel have often utilized this strategy, introducing superhero teams and villains in these concluding moments. However, for Warner Bros.' heroes, the outlook appears notably grim in these teasers, suggesting a more ominous future for the cinematic universe.

    Jason Momoa (Source: LA Times)

    In October, James Gunn and Peter Safran took the helm as co-chairs and co-CEOs of DC Studios, tasked with overseeing superhero storytelling. Their appointment marked the initiation of a cinematic revamp, unveiling a fresh slate of upcoming projects.

     Notably absent from this lineup were the studio's current iterations of heroes like Aquaman, Shazam, and the Flash. Subsequently, the box office underperformance of the Shazam sequel and the standalone Flash film has cast doubt on the prospects of these characters in future endeavors.

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