When Peter Dinklage slammed Snow White remake: A blast from Disney's controversial past

    Peter Dinklage took on Disney's Snow White remake, highlighting its potential insensitivity. Will Disney's "progressive" approach to the iconic tale align with today's standards?

    Peter Dinklage (Source: Outlook)

    Peter Dinklage (Source: Outlook)

    Dinklage's Dilemma with Disney's Snow White

    Let's time travel to 2022, where the vivacious world of Disney was marred with controversy. The culprit? The much-anticipated live-action version of Snow White. And leading the critique was none other than Peter Dinklage. While Disney is known for breathing life into animated tales through live-action films, "some of those old Disney movies have aged very poorly". 

    Old Stories, New Controversies

    Remember the uproar surrounding that Snow White ride at Disneyland? And yet, despite these niggling issues, Snow White remained an indispensable jewel in Disney's crown. On Marc Maron's WTF podcast, the renowned actor Peter Dinklage voiced his concerns, highlighting a perceived inconsistency in Disney's portrayal. Dinklage found it perplexing how the company prided itself on casting a Latina actress, Rachel Zegler, as Snow White, yet, "still making that... story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together." His sentiment? Isn't there more that can be done to advance the narrative in our modern age?

    Rachel Zegler (Source: IMDb)

    Seeking a New Spin on an Age-Old Tale

    Dinklage wasn't completely against a Snow White remake, but he hoped for a “f-cked up, cool, or progressive spin” on the story. With characters so deeply rooted in the story – they're in the title, after all – any change would necessitate thoughtful revision.

    Disney's reaction? A rather reserved statement, mentioning a "different approach with these seven characters" and consultations with the dwarfism community. Their message was clear - they recognized the need for change, but the 'how' remained elusive.

    Snow White (2024) (Source: IMDb)

    It's intriguing how movies, icons of their age, can stir the pot when viewed through the lens of the present. As the curtains rise on Disney's new Snow White, we hope it's a rendition that resonates with today's audiences while honoring its historic charm.

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