'When will Spider-Man 4 happen?': The unfolding mystery of Tom Holland and Zendaya's return to the MCU

    Kevin Feige hints at big plans for Tom Holland's Spider-Man, focusing on his neighborhood hero side. The return date for Spider-Man 4 remains uncertain.

    <p>Tom and Zendaya (Source: Los Angeles Times)</p>

    Tom and Zendaya (Source: Los Angeles Times)

    Marvel's Exciting Plans for Tom Holland's Spider-Man

    It's no secret that Tom Holland's Spider-Man swinging into the MCU caused a stir that's still resonating. With the heart-stopping announcement during Captain America: Civil War (2016) and the thrilling sequels that followed, Holland's portrayal has become the beloved face of the web-slinger.

    And now, Marvel Studios has "big plans" for Spidey's return. Kevin Feige himself revealed in a recent talk with Entertainment Weekly, "All I will say is that we have the story. We have big ideas for that, and our writers are just putting pen to paper now." As reported by Inside the Magic, this suggests that the next installment of the Spider-Man series might focus more on Peter Parker's friendly neighborhood adventures.

    Tom and Zendaya (Source: Koimoi)

    Tom Holland, Zendaya, and a World That's Forgotten Spider-Man

    After the memorable Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), in which the world forgot Peter Parker's secret identity, fans are eager to know what's next. Zendaya's MJ and Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds forgetting Peter adds to the intrigue, laying the groundwork for a sequel that dives into these relationships and what Spider-Man does next, especially since Aunt May is no longer in the picture.

    The anticipation for Spider-Man 4 has been further fueled by the potential exploration of street-level villains like Wilson Fisk. This twist in the storyline could mark a shift from the massive Avenger battles to a more grounded approach.

    Tom and Zendaya (Source: People)

    The uncertainty surrounding Spider-Man 4's release date has fans on the edge of their seats. Some reports claim that the sequel could arrive two weeks after The Thunderbolts (2024), but that seems unlikely. The only sure thing is that due to the contract with Sony, Marvel Studios will bring Tom Holland back for the Avengers movies and Spider-Man 4. But when will that happen?

    It feels like Spider-Man 4 should precede Avengers: Kang Dynasty, but fans will have to wait and see. The mystery continues to unfold, and the anticipation for Tom Holland and Zendaya's return grows with each passing day. With Feige's tease, the excitement is real, and the future of Spider-Man in the MCU seems bright and promising.

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