Who is Tom Sandoval aka The Diver? The Masked Singer contestant who got eliminated

    Tom Sandoval, aka The Diver from The Masked Singer, faces a tsunami of personal controversies. As he takes off the mask, we dive deep into his meteoric rise and fall through a tumultuous journey.

    <p>Tom Sandoval</p>

    Tom Sandoval

    While the highlight of Wednesday night's The Masked Singer episode was the grand reveal of The Diver, few could anticipate the face behind the mask. Tom Sandoval, the 40-year-old Vanderpump Rules star, emerged, setting the stage and social media abuzz.

    Singing through scandal

    Tom Sandoval's journey to The Masked Singer wasn't just about showcasing his singing talent. It was more than that - it was an attempt at redemption. After a sensational affair with Raquel Leviss was revealed, which in turn led to his breakup with longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix, Sandoval was in the eye of a media storm that was dubbed as the ’Scandoval affair’. Choosing songs like "I Ain't Worried" by OneRepublic, Sandoval seemed to be singing his defiance, trying to shift the focus from his personal life controversies to his musical talent.

    Tom Sandoval

    Interestingly, panelists Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy accurately guessed his identity. When questioned about his experience on the show, Sandoval termed it as "healing." He said, "Being able to come out here perform, you know, behind a mask, not being judged, just being judged on my performance. It was really nice."

    Who really is Tom Sandoval?

    While fans of Vanderpump Rules would recognize him immediately, for others, Tom's recent infamy overshadows his past endeavors. Before the scandals and the singing, Sandoval was a model and actor, with a burning desire for fame. However, he confessed, "I just didn’t know it would be everyone hating me.”

    Sandoval's tumultuous journey serves as a reminder of the fickle nature of fame. One moment you're on top; the next, you're struggling to reclaim your reputation. As he continues his journey in shows like Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, one wonders if The Diver's unmasking will lead to a new beginning or be just another chapter in a scandal-filled story.