Why Meghan Markle isn't likely to be in the Suits spinoff

    Before her royal journey, Meghan Markle portrayed Rachel Zane in the original Suits series, spanning seasons 1 through 7.

    Meghan Markle (Source: X)

    Meghan Markle (Source: X)

    In February 2024, NBCUniversal revealed fresh insights into the upcoming series Suits L.A., with Stephen Amell at the helm. Introducing a fresh cast of characters, the narrative will revolve around Ted Black (portrayed by Amell), a former federal prosecutor from New York who has redefined himself by advocating for Los Angeles' most influential clientele.

    Although the series will predominantly unfold in Los Angeles instead of the original's New York City backdrop, it remains within the same universe as Suits. This continuity leaves room for potential cameo appearances by the original stars, maintaining a connection between the two narratives.

    Suits (2011-2019) (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

    Suits L.A. to Focus on New Characters

    Undoubtedly, fans are curious if Meghan will return to her role. While NBC hasn't confirmed any cameos from the original series' stars, the likelihood of the Duchess of Sussex making an appearance seems rather low. In contrast to the previous Suits spinoff Pearson, which centered on Gina Torres' character, the new series will introduce a fresh ensemble cast. This suggests that the regular appearances of the original Suits characters are less probable in the upcoming show.

    Accompanying Amell in the cast is Josh McDermitt from The Walking Dead, portraying Stuart Lane, the co-founder of Black Lane Law, along with Lex Scott Davis, who embodies Erica Rollins, a determined and resilient up-and-comer employed by Ted Black, as reported by Deadline.

    Suits (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

    Meghan Markle's Unlikely Return to Suits L.A.

    Another factor contributing to Meghan's reduced likelihood of returning is that her character has already achieved closure. Following the real-life engagement of the Duchess of Sussex to Prince Harry, USA Network confirmed her departure from the show after season 7.

    One significant reason Meghan won't return as Rachel Zane? Her retirement from acting. Her last acting credit was in the season 7 finale of Suits, which aired before her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Although Suits marked the conclusion of her acting career, Meghan has returned to the screen in recent years. The couple has collaborated with Netflix on various projects, including their docuseries Harry & Meghan.