Will Poulter’s Marvel makeover: before & after Adam Warlock reveal

    Dive deep into our throwback vault! Remember the buzz when Will Poulter was announced as MCU’s Adam Warlock for Guardians Vol. 3? We do!

    <p>Will Poulter</p>

    Will Poulter

    Ah, remember the good ol' days? Just like a vinyl playing our favorite retro tunes, let's rewind to that moment when the universe gave us a sparkling surprise – Will Poulter stepping into the intergalactic shoes of Adam Warlock.

    From city streets to cosmic skies: Poulter's MCU debut

    The cinematic cosmos had been abuzz with whispers about Adam Warlock's grand entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But when the revelation finally landed, it was not just about the character, but also about the man chosen to breathe life into him. Will Poulter, the charismatic talent from 'Detroit', was set to craft magic in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

    While the actual look of Poulter's Warlock was under wraps, the creative corners of the internet weren't far behind. Fan artists, with brushes and palettes of imagination, began painting visions of what they thought the character might embody. "artkin's sketch, combining elements of 'literally every outfit he’s worn in the comics'," was a sneak peek into a universe of possibilities.

    Will Poulter

    Adam Warlock: friend or foe?

    Will Poulter's Warlock left us on a cliffhanger? With the echoes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hinting at Adam's purpose to decimate the Guardians, fans were split. Would Poulter's Warlock emerge as an ally or continue as a fierce adversary? The comic lore of Adam's darker self, The Magus, only thickened the plot.

    The then looming plot secrecy of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 intensified the intrigue. But one thing was certain: this was a cosmic leap for Poulter. From captivating audiences in 'Midsommar', 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch', and narrowly missing out on being Pennywise, Poulter's star was on an ascent.

    Marvel and Poulter: To infinity and beyond

    With the promise of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 filming and its subsequent release, Will Poulter's journey from earthly roles to celestial stardom became one of the most awaited events in cinematic history.

    Today, as we rekindle that excitement, let us not just look at the actor or the character, but at the universe's ability to surprise, delight, and leave us in awe. To Will, to Warlock, to wonders!

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